6 New Free Resources to give Creativity to your projects

The other day I was talking about free resources with some friends, when I realized that it had been too long without sharing any article of resources.

As we all know, these resources can help present a more professional cooperative project to our customers. Well, while it is developing or thereafter.

When we work on physical projects, it is sometimes difficult to physically see them, so these resources allow us to have at least an approach to them. They are able to approach the digital to the physical, even if at the end we will watch them from a digital medium.

Normally I intend to include in the free resources that I share a variety of them. But the reality is that there are many more of corporate cards and websites. So today (though I bring one of cards,) I have tried that the variety of them were larger to keep adding more.

We have talked about patterns on other occasions and the last week I have reminded you how to create your own pattern, in our case with chilly fruits; so we will not include them on this list.

NOTE: These patterns are free to download and easy to use with programs like Photoshop or Inkscape. Some come in different files to be easier to use.

Pictures of food

Yes … I know that lately you can see a lot of free download pictures at Silo Creativo. But when I see them I just want to share them with you. Here you have a selection of 4 high-resolution photographs of food, license-free. I do not know if it is because while I am writing that it is lunchtime, but I find them quite tasty!

I leave you also links of articles that mention free stock images of high-resolution, for those who want to expand your library:

10 Free stock images of High Resolution
Another 5 free stock images of high-resolution
Five more stock images where Download Free Images for your Web



Your business card in a vintage environment

Mock-up of cards, we have seen a few. Larger, smaller, with more colour, less, in an office environment…. But surely lovers of vintage will love this one.

It has stolen my heart, and if you are a photographer I think that the same is going to happen to you.



Mock-up on a craft paper

This resource is like two at the same time. You can put your design on a sheet of craft paper or perhaps on a notebook and use them together or separately, as you prefer, and put a typographic message, a picture or an image.

It may be perfect to customize a notebook or try to give a personal style (or something vintage) to a craft poster.



Customize your notebook

Very much in line with the above, if we seek to customizing a notebook this is our Mock-up. We can choose a font style hand to make our design even more believable.

It can be quite useful to show a design or illustrate an agenda or diary.



A realistic magazine….

If you want more realism in your resources, here you have the magazine you were looking for. If you have worked hard to design a magazine, but do not know how physically is going to be, do not worry. With this mock-up you can clearly see how it is going to be and share it with your customers and users.

Either way, as the image may be introduced as you want, you can choose an illustration o or a printing sheet as an ad.



… or a book… where is the problem?

What if you need a book? Here is the solution. With this resource in addition to inside pages you can design your cover, which is perfect for showing your work in a book or magazine with a more formal character.

I must point out, moreover, the environment in which it is photographed. It is a totally clean and a simple book.



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