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Showcases and examples about web and graphic design. They help you to inspire for current or future projects. You will find guides and tips about colours, patterns, typography and more. Perfect to open your mind.


Trends in Web Design in 2017

This is going to be an exciting year as far as trends in web design are concerned. We will see how the form and tools of the designer and web designer work with the latest CSS specifications and where to find inspiration for new projects.


5 Trends to Design Your Logo in 2017

With the New Year comes the resolutions, but also new trends in design. In this case we share 5 of the trends that you will see in all the 2017 logos. It is time to analyse yours and see if it is still trend!


5 Tips for Designing Your Web with a good UX

A good web design carries with it a number of factors that will make this succeed. But for that, we must take into account some tips for a good user experience. Today we will talk about some tips before designing.


5 Tips to Know if your Logo Should be Redesigned

The decision to redesign our logo is somewhat complicated. Sometimes we find it hard to take the step because we do not know if it is time or it would be better to wait. So today we want to help you with 5 tips that will help you know if your logo needs a redesign!