4 Free stock images to give creativity to your projects

Although the best option is to take the camera and gradually get a stock of images of our own, we understand that that is not always possible. First, because for this you must have a good team and, more importantly, know how to take photographs. Because of this, stock images are a great resource increasingly used by designers and professionals.

Many are the projects for which we need images, either because we are doing a demo (you know that we use them a lot in our WordPress templates) or as a final image.

The important thing is to know what to choose, and we cannot think that because there are so many stocks of images, the choice will be simple, but rather the opposite. It is not enough for us to stay with any image, but we have to find the one that fits with our project, as much as if we had done it ourselves.

We already saw it in the article to print colour to your web; when we choose images, besides choosing the one that visually suits our project, we also have to take into account that its shades are in line with the rest of the work. This means that sometimes we cannot stay directly with the image that we find in the stock image but we will have to retouch it in some way that fits perfectly with our project.

Over time, we have shared some stocks of images, which are not outdated, but have been gradually expanding, so we hope that these new 4 just expand the list and find the perfect image for us. Here is a summary so far:

5 more stocks where Download Free Images for your Web

5 Free and High Resolution stock Images

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4 New High Resolution Free stock Images

And now, the new stocks between which surely you will find multitude of images. We hope you find them useful!

Mmt Stock

It is a large stock of images with license to share for both personal and commercial use in which you find images of different nature. You can see them individually, but if you prefer, you can access the section of collections, in which they are separated by different categories.

It is not an excessively large stock but it is gradually expanding, and the images it possesses are very interesting.




Unlike for what we could imagine with the name, it is not a stock of pastry images! In it we can find images of different categories, with free license to share for both professional and personal use.

It is not an extensive stock of image, but because of that, it may be the one with the images you were looking for. Also note that the photographers sell some of their images (in case you want to search between premium images.)



Startup Stock Photos

If you are looking for business or technology images for your project, this is your stock images! In it you will find different images perfect for a business or web work.

Among them you can find work teams, brainstorming boards, computer equipment… Everything you need to give your work a professional touch.




It is the largest stock of images of all the listed ones. In it you can find multitude of images ordered by categories and collections and of all the areas that you can imagine.

You also find a top of images, in case you want to use some of the most downloaded of the moment.



We hope that you find them useful and that together with the stock of images that we have already seen, you have the necessary photographs for all your projects!

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