How to Reduce Your Web Bounce Rate

If you are not familiar with the bounce rate yet, this is your post, as we will explain exactly what it is and how you can reduce it effectively so that your web is much more attractive for your users, visitors and / or buyers.


What permalinks should I use in WordPress?

One of the most important settings before installing a template or start running on WordPress is: What permalink structure should I use? In two simple steps we can improve the SEO and usability of our website. Let’s see the right option to your website or blog!


How to display category and tag descriptions in WordPress

Recently we talked about the importance of category pages of our blogs and websites, and how we should start optimizing them to turn into good satellites that besides organize the internal diagram of a web (a good user experience and navigation of our site), could capture some extra visitors and increase the positioning and SEO of that category or tag page (taxonomies for the purists).


How to Optimize WordPress categories to improve your SEO

One of the least optimized options for a WordPress website or blog are often Categories and Tags. The Taxonomies (the way all categories and tags are called, either for default or custom post) are used to organize the content of our website in an efficient manner, making it more navigable for the users.