SiloMag 147

As every two weeks, we bring you a new installment of SiloMag, and as always, we have compiled the best news and resources about graphic design, web design and WordPress for all of you. This week we have a summary with the most important new features of WordPress 6.3, a look at color-mix() in CSS, […]

SiloMag 146

A new issue of SiloMag is here, the SiloCreativo’s section where we share the latest news, resources and articles that have seemed most interesting to us in recent days.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Bookstores

If you are planning to set up a website to sell books or want to add an online store to your physical bookstore, you are in luck, because we list the best WordPress templates that you can find to host this type of website.


Downloadable Calendar: June 2023

With June comes the summer and of course, the afternoons on the beach, walking along the shore and swimming in the sea. So we dedicate this month to those afternoons, as a prelude to the summer that is yet to come!

SiloMag 145

If you are looking for resources and inspiration for your projects, don’t miss the new SiloMag, in which one more week we bring you the best news about the world of graphic design, web design and WordPress.

SiloMag 144

As every two weeks, from Silo Creativo we offer you a new issue of SiloMag, where we collect the best news and resources that we have found about the world of graphic design, web design and WordPress.