SiloMag 143

Here is a new issue of SiloMag, the section of SiloCreativo where, every two weeks, we share the latest news, resources and articles that we have found most interesting in the last few days.


Downloadable Calendar: December 2022

December is here and with it Christmas and the end of the year. We hope that 2021 gave you everything you asked for and that 2022 will bring you good things. We cannot ask for more! Merry Christmas!


Downloadable Calendar: June 2022

With June comes the summer and of course, the afternoons on the beach, walking along the shore and swimming in the sea. So we dedicate this month to those afternoons, as a prelude to the summer that is yet to come!


The Meaning of Forms in Design

Each of the forms have a meaning and can symbolise different things. In addition, these shapes make you feel a certain way, and good designers know it! We show you what they are and how they have been used in some well-known logos.