Creating a new WordPress entry with Gutenberg

Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor is much closer than we think. To be ready when the moment comes, we show you how your block system works by creating an entry from scratch. This way you will be prepared and you will not have any problem when it arrives definitively to your WordPress.


How to change the author of an article in WordPress

If you have a website where several people write, you may have asked yourself what is the best way to change the authorship of an article. Therefore, we show you several ways to do it in the fastest and simplest way, as well as several curiosities about WordPress users.


Jetpack for WordPress: Appearance and Images

Jetpack is one of the most powerful plugins available for WordPress. However, it is very easy to get lost and not know what to choose between all the modules that offers us. We will explain you why it should not be missing in your list of add-ons of your website, and some of its most interesting modules.


Web icons: design and use tips

Icons are an element that is very present in the web and that also help us navigate through it. In this way, we cannot leave their design to chance, but we must have it very clear. Today we give you some tips to make the icons of your web succeed! 😉


Automatic Newsletter with Mailchimp and WordPress

One of the best ways to give visibility to your blog posts is to advertise it on different social networks, although sometimes it can get lost among all the traffic that occurs in them. For this reason, another option is to send a newsletter to your subscribers, a process that we can automate thanks to MailChimp and WordPress.


Highlighting a page in the WordPress Menu

Designing a specific page of our menu in WordPress can be very useful for directing users to a part of the web where important information is located. With this tutorial and some CSS we will get to customize the menu design.