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Nuestra historia comienzó hace mucho tiempo, pero no es hasta el año 2012 cuando comenzamos a darle forma a algo que habíamos pensado siempre: como unir nuestras pasiones.

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Verónica Valenzuela

I draw, paint and sometimes even colour at SiloCreativo. I have always wanted to be a writer, so with this blog I am fulfilling my dream. In addition, in this way I can share what I learn. Do you have any questions?

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Ricardo Prieto

Hi! My name is Ricardo Prieto and I work (and write) about web design, layout and user experience at SiloCreativo, where we help people to develop their projects with tutorials, tips and resources.

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Alfonso Serrano

3D design enthusiast. He uses his creativity to develop different virtual models.


María del Mar Valenzuela: The languages are not a barrier for her. That is why SiloCreativo is available in English too.