6 Free Downloadable Graphic Design Resources

At other times we have talked about resources naming different WordPress themes (as in the case of themes for photographers, best of 2014…) So, let’s take again the subject of resources, but in the graphic design world.

When designing a corporate identity or any custom graphic design work, it is true that although we use some resources such as specialized effects, retouching tutorials… resources are a support in achieving the end, being a very personal work, but we do not usually go from them. They are a supplement that helps us achieve this.

However once this graphic work is concluded, it is necessary to adequately present this work. For this, you can use some of the resources that we suggest you. All are free and you can download them with just one click.

In no case they are just for design professionals, on the contrary, all you need is to know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator or be willing to learn! They are very simple to use and with a very basic knowledge of any of these tools you can do great things with these graphic design resources.

Mockup: your design in a bag

When we are designing a logo to be used in a web work or even a card, it is easy for us and our customers to see the end result. However, there are other kinds of works that we can design and are harder to print to see the end result. Here we bring you a mockup in which you can see how your design would be in a bag.


Free Download

Mockup: your corporate identity

I really like this mockup because it is very complete. We can see what the print result of our corporate image on many of the items we can find in an office would be. We can even put our logo on our glasses case! It’s perfect to show a client the result of the corporate image or to present ours. 😉


Free Download

DinA4 Mockup

While it is easy to print an A4 format with your data, you cannot deny that this is a good resource for those who do not have a good place to photograph and want to contextualize a document. It is perfect to print our curriculum and display it at our website or send it for an interview. We give it a professional character without the need to seek a good place to photograph (at least for me!)


Free Download

Logos with vintage character

With this resource, you can mount vintage logos quickly and easily. Obviously it is not recommended for a professional work for a client, but you can use it on a demo work for example. In addition, you can see the end result easily when you have to present a mockup of a work and need to include  demo logos. It is also editable, so you can choose the font and even change the size and colour.


Free Download

The vintage hand

Although the title reminds us of the Adams family, these vintage hands can be a good resource for use in graphic works such as posters or even websites. They are editable and scalable.


Free Download

The technology of the 90s

I could not close this list of resources without a classic: pack of icons of the high technology of the 90s! The little apple, the retina display and the ultrabooks have not always existed. All these had fathers and mothers, though it may seem impossible, not so long ago were very present in our homes and offices. This is for the shoulders of this wonderful decade. 😉


Free download

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  1. Graphic design has exploded the last 20 years with brands fighting for attention. I like the compilations shared. Good work!

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