Resources and Tools of Web Design

In SiloCreativo we are fortunate to work with tools and exceptional resources that after many trials and much searching have become our point of support for the work and projects we do: web design, maintenance of our blog, training … A good collection of tools we use every day that we share with you and you can use in your own projects with the assurance that they are the same that we use. We will be adding new tools and resources as we checking its usefulness, so we suggest you keep this page in your favorite or in your social networks!


The basic thing you need to launch your online project is a secure web hosting that gives you the assurance that your site will be showed faster and uncut. It is fundamental. For our projects, after much testing (believe me when I tell you after much testing) we always rely on:


WordPress Themes

Plugins for WordPress

Plugins are extensions that are installed on your WordPress and allow you to have extra features: contact form, newsletter tool, seo, ecommerce…

Web Analytics

This resource list is open and will be updated as we go testing and discovering new tools that may be of interest. Similarly, if you have any suggestions on a resource that you recently discovered and think that could be on the list, contact us!

Note: Some of these links are affiliate links, so we will receive a small commission, without this having any cost to you if you decide to use the tool. (This way you can help us to move forward with our projects and blog :)). It has no extra charge to you. All the tools we recommend are 100% tested by us and are what we use to work every day.