Resources and Tools of Web Design

In SiloCreativo we are fortunate to work with tools and exceptional resources that after many trials and much searching have become our point of support for the work and projects we do: web design, maintenance of our blog, training … A good collection of tools we use every day that we share with you and you can use in your own projects with the assurance that they are the same that we use. We will be adding new tools and resources as we checking its usefulness, so we suggest you keep this page in your favorite or in your social networks!


The basic thing you need to launch your online project is a secure web hosting that gives you the assurance that your site will be showed faster and uncut. It is fundamental. For our projects, after much testing (believe me when I tell you after much testing) we always rely on:



It is the best in web hosting; fast, reliable and surprisingly inexpensive to have unlimited space. The most interesting plan may be the “Baby Plan” which allows multiple domains on one account. It is fantastic. In fact, is hosted here ;).



This is another very economical and reliable web hosting, again with unlimited space. We usually use it to host our web designs in production, to show to the customers while we are performing them. It also allows installing WordPress, Joomla or the CMS of your choice in just one click. It is the best web hosting if you do not want complicate things. You also have at your disposal in just one click all our Premium WordPress templates (and many more) thanks to MojoThemes team. The best option if you do not want complications.




If you go to launch a project, do it right and professional from the beginning. Host your WordPress in a Hosting itself. WordPress is undoubtedly the best tool for creating blogs and simple pages (and not so simple, since we can now create forums, social networks, online shopping …). It is very easy to use and it is free. Can you ask for more?



It is a classic to create personal blogs. It is very easy to use, with certain restrictions. Use it for a personal blog if you do not want to get any compensation or to be scalable.



It is a project to create personal blogs and surely with a good future. Yet to launch, if you want more information here it is.

WordPress Themes


SiloCreativo themes

If you are looking for themes with design, optimized for positioning, made with HTM5 and CSS3 and also that have 100% support in Spanish, these are your templates! (If you prefer the support in English, it would be perfect for us too). Here is a list of recent WordPress themes we have designed.


Mojo Marketplace

This is a professional marketplace where we can find templates with support and updates for life. If you are going to ride something professional, forget about the free templates and invests a minimum in this (the amount is ridiculous.) You have plenty of choice. From WordPress templates to Joomla, Prestashop, Magento… lots of variety and very good professionals.


Theme Forest

It is perhaps the largest marketplace in terms of sales and sellers. In it, in addition to templates for WordPress, Jommla, Magento… You can find resources of graphic design as logos, patterns … and plugins. It is everything you need to start your business in a professional manner with a small investment.


Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is the perfect choice if you want to have a library of WordPress themes. They cannot be bought individually, but for a very low price you can have all the themes. You can also find some plugins for WordPress.

Plugins for WordPress

Plugins are extensions that are installed on your WordPress and allow you to have extra features: contact form, newsletter tool, seo, ecommerce…


Official repository of Plugins

All the extensions to expand your wordpress widgets and extra features. (A list of essential plugins.)


Theme Forest

Besides the WordPress themes, you will see a large repertoire of plugins that adapt to your theme some particular features.


Elegant Themes

As with its themes, you can purchase all its plugins for a low amount and enjoy them together or separately.

Web Analytics


Google Analytics

It is fundamental. If you do not have it in your blog or website just get it now. It allows knowing an enormous amount of data on your visitors. It is basic to make strategic decisions about your content, web design, modifications, etc…

This resource list is open and will be updated as we go testing and discovering new tools that may be of interest. Similarly, if you have any suggestions on a resource that you recently discovered and think that could be on the list, contact us!

Note: Some of these links are affiliate links, so we will receive a small commission, without this having any cost to you if you decide to use the tool. (This way you can help us to move forward with our projects and blog :)). It has no extra charge to you. All the tools we recommend are 100% tested by us and are what we use to work every day.