Patterns: 5 Graphic Resources free download

The graphic resources are an effective method for those who are professional designers, and those for which the design is a hobby. They help us to do works or give us a better view of them.

There are a lot of resources, for example, on another occasion I brought a selection of graphics resources, which are very suitable for the presentation of works, as they give us a very visual environment in which we could easily put our graphic image, curriculum …… today, we will look at other resources, patterns that we can use for web projects, graphics and publishing.

People who know how to use a vector program have no excuse to make their own pattern, as discussed in this tutorial, but here are selections of patterns, in which we can achieve great results with a program that can read .EPS files.

All the patterns that I propose are free download with a click. You don’t need to know how to use these programs, since in most cases, they are ready to convert into .png / .jpg images and to use as backgrounds in web and graphic works. Let’s do this!

A Disco 80´s pattern

With our Music Hall WordPress template, we brought you the Monoton font, with a disco 80’s style, so now we want to show you the pattern that combines perfectly with it!

Depending on the range of colours we choose, we can be the center of attention or become a member within the project. Also if we can do gif, we can create different effects with the different waves that we propose.



Vintage pattern

This selection reminds us of the hippie patterns of the 70s. Their different shapes allow us to combine them or take one of them and repeat the pattern. We may also use two colours or mix several. They are perfect for use in a web header or as a pattern on a publishing project.



Restaurant patterns

This pattern is perfect to give a funny touch to our food website. You can only download it in .Png, so you cannot edit vectors.



Pattern to print that casual touch to your web

This pattern cannot be varied in colours and shapes, since we cannot download it to a vector file, as happened with the previous pattern. However, this is not a problem when it is used for web and even graphic works.

It is perfect for use as a background of a web or to occupy a privileged place at the head of it.



The geometric pattern

This list of patterns, with some years of our history, could not miss a geometric pattern!

There are many geometric patterns, you just have to choose a geometric figure, take a range of colours and begin to combine.

In this case, it’s as simple as playing with triangles changing their colour, and you will have spectacular results. It can be perfect to print a message or to use with more pastel shades in an editorial project.



I do not know which one I prefer, as each pattern is different, so we can use them for different projects. The geometric pattern seems very creative and original, as simply varying each of the triangles we can form different shapes that generally have a sense.

Anyway, I recommend that you create your own pattern, as with a program like Illustrator it is simple and the results are amazing.

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