5 Others Free Stocks Images of Great Resolution

Do you remember the article: 10 free stocks images? Today we are making an extension of these stocks images.

We know it is very difficult to find the perfect image. Even though we have very clear what we are looking, sometimes it has trouble finding one that represents the feelings and sensations we just want to convey. There is no definitive stock images, since you will usually need many types of images, but surely you will find in one of these the images you seek.

As we have said on numerous occasions, the most important thing when using images that are not from us is to check the license they have and the size to see if they are suitable for the place in which we will use them. The license must always match with the use that we will give to our images. We must check if the license is totally free or not, so we must mention the author.

Anyway, we want to share with you some stocks images openly licensed that are free.
Shall we start?


It is a studio located in Los Angeles, whose web, in addition to present their design and illustration work, give us the possibility to see and download some of their photographs. Most are landscapes, although we can find some details that will certainly make us look differently to rocks and stones.




It is a stock images where we can find different licenses and free and paid images. The web has a filter, so we can find the image we seek by filtering them by category. They have a great quality and there are a variety of topics: food, weddings, fashion, people…



Free Refe Mobile Photos

This stock images has a particularity; all images are taken from a mobile device! There is a large selection on which to choose; the only “problem” is that some images, being taken from a mobile, do not have enough dimensions for printing, although they are very good for using in websites.

There are also extra paid sections with a wide range of free images and licensed to use freely.




It is a large free stock images, where we can find very different categories. One of the factors making it a large stock images is his filter. We can filter images by category, but also by colours or moods.

Before we download the image, we can see in the right side of it the data size and dimensions to be sure that it is what we were looking for.




It is a large stock images, where we can find high quality photographs and filter them by category. Like other stocks images, they have licenses to share with a business or personal use and they are of high quality.



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