5 Free Resources to give effect to our Fonts

Since we have a large repertoire of fonts to choose from, depending on the message we want to convey and the medium on which we do, we will see a number of effects to apply to our letters so that our messages come especially attractive.

Personally I’m not a big fan of the effects on the fonts, but I must admit that depending on that we are writing, good effects can become our message more attractive. I always use them by two precepts: simplicity and fine style of typography-style effect.


Think of the maxim “less is more”. Normally with the effect applied to fonts, we are carrying the message, so messages with effects are best performed on flat bottoms or images with a large blur.

Moreover if we put the fonts on a cluttered background or too many colors and shapes are included, the effects applied to the fonts are not going to be showed precisely and we risk smearing the message.

Combination style of typography-style effect

Applying an effect that matches the message and especially the font to which we are applying, we can highlight and make the message understandable even more. It is very important that the effect has the same style that the font which is applied. Thus, it is difficult to fit a ‘futuristic’ effect and a retro typography.

We apply an effect usually because we want to highlight some of the text to which it is applied, giving even move, so we do all the message forwards the same feeling.

5 free Resources

So once we have clear the two precepts that we consider important to apply an effect to fonts, I show you five resources effects. They are all downloadable for free and their use is really simple. Just open them in Photoshop and change the words from default to ours. You can also change the font, so there is no excuse for not using them. We make a recommendation of use of fonts on each resource (on typefaces about we have already talked).

Striped shadows

I like this effect because it combines well with large number of fonts. My advice is to use it with uppercase fonts, as lowercase fonts (although depending on the font we use) tend to blur the message.
Use it with Oswald, Homestead, Arvo…




This retro effect is perfectly combinable with lowercase fonts, but if we have a retro uppercase font, we can use it too.
Use it on a regular Pacific Lobster two…



Slate effect

It is maybe my favorite effect, since it allows the largest number of combinations regardless if lower or upper case. I like it with fonts with a retro tinge, but it is perfectly combined with others that do not.
Use it with Dan, Null, Kilogram, Bazaar …



“Authentic” or effect

It is an effect with similarities to the first of this list, but the shade is here accented with a differentiation between the base and the body, giving to our typefaces a futuristic effect. Like the first one, it is recommended for use with uppercase serif fonts, as the shadows have serifs for shade.
Use it with Playfair display, Le super serif, Slab Roboto …



Cloud Effect

It is the effect with more relief of all in the list. With this resource, words seem to be supported on a board. They remind me of the magnets which children form words. You can use both uppercase and lowercase, but in this case, since the effect adds volume and intensity, it is more convenient using it on serif fonts with a certain thickness.
Use it with Roboto, Raleway, Lato



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  1. Hi Veronica,

    I think Tangerine Retro Font has all these 5 qualities that u have mentioned. It is a retro sans serif typeface. Please check the font and tell me your thoughts about this.

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