Examples of CSS Grid in production

Whenever a new technology arrives, we have some reluctance to use it in our projects because of the problems that may exist. Through this list of websites that already use CSS Grid, we want to show you how it is a tool that is mature and compatible enough to be incorporated into our projects.


Feature Queries in CSS. How do they work?

If you like to use the new CSS tools, but you are worried about possible compatibility problems with different web browsers, do not worry. With Feature Query you can use all of them, making sure that they will work regardless of the browser from where your users enter.


Time progress bar with CSS

In this article we are going to experiment with a new value for the CSS position property to create a progress bar reading the articles without the need of using PHP or JavaScript, just HTML and CSS.

CSS to improve UX forms

CSS to the rescue: Improving UX in forms

Forms are one of the most forgotten element in web design. But this doesn’t make much sense because forms are where the user interact with our apps or website. Let’s revise how we can improve the UX with new CSS pseudo-classes.