Custom Post Types in WordPress: Use and plugins

The Custom Post Types are one of the most important options of WordPress when it comes to extending the functionalities of the Core. With this tutorial we review the most common uses of the types of personalized posts and how to create them via plugin or custom code.


Creating a new WordPress entry with Gutenberg

Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor is much closer than we think. To be ready when the moment comes, we show you how your block system works by creating an entry from scratch. This way you will be prepared and you will not have any problem when it arrives definitively to your WordPress.


How to change the author of an article in WordPress

If you have a website where several people write, you may have asked yourself what is the best way to change the authorship of an article. Therefore, we show you several ways to do it in the fastest and simplest way, as well as several curiosities about WordPress users.


Integrating Google Analytics in WordPress

If you have never used Google Analytics, we give you some information about this service and we show you two ways to insert it into your WordPress website. Control all statistics to use them in your favour and make your website much more successful.


How to Reduce Your Web Bounce Rate

If you are not familiar with the bounce rate yet, this is your post, as we will explain exactly what it is and how you can reduce it effectively so that your web is much more attractive for your users, visitors and / or buyers.


Flexbox vs CSS Grid: A Practical Example

After the recent compatibility of CSS Grid with the latest versions of the most used browsers, it stands as an alternative to Flexbox. Therefore, we will see some details that differentiate one from another by a small example, to be able to check their differences and how they can fit better our needs.


How to Create a Contact form in WordPress

Contact Form 7 is the most used plugin in WordPress to create contact forms thanks to its flexibility. That’s why we have created this tutorial with which you can create your first form knowing all the options offered.