Free fonts and range of colours: The Perfect Combination

For those who follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you know we love summertime so we want to share with you some quotes on “fresh” fruit backgrounds. Because summer means sun, rest but also refreshing fruits. Since Smoothies are so fashionable, we have made our particular contribution through backgrounds with fruits!

Either way, today’s article is not only in fruits, I mean in backgrounds, 😉 but also in quotes that I am sure are going to make you smile! And here come into action our beloved fonts. We share three creative and very summery free fonts that you can use to make a poster or a birthday present…

I like to create patterns. We know that it is very simple; with only one element such as a pineapple or watermelon we can create a background that can be perfect for a web or graphic design element. The only thing to keep in mind with such colorful, patterns is that given the nature and value thereof, the content of the work must be under load.

If you want to make a print in which mix different fonts and colours, the use of a background with elements it is not recommended. It would be better to use a flat bottom, which can be combined with a larger number of colours and shapes.

Thus we share the fonts but also the range used, so if you prefer flat bottoms where fonts are those giving colour, these ranges can be a good starting point for you. They are very versatile and can be used for variety of things … A track, Ricardo asked me some for his article in gradients with CSS. Can you find them?

So, here we go with the backgrounds, their range of colours and their free fonts (today you can not complain about the lack of information in this article ;))

NOTE: As usual, we will leave you the codes in HEX colours to easily copy them to your website or graphics work.

Big John Font + Watermelon palette

I like this font, as although it looks similar to others like Montserrat and even air bazaar, it has two types in the fully conflicting family, a slim and a bold combining to perfection that can help us to highlight a word within a particular text.


Free download Big John font

Moreover, the range of colours that I bring is reminiscent of one of the most typical flavors of summer: the watermelon. We use the pink, green and black colours, making the black the difference. With it we can not only draw watermelons 😉 but it is also perfect for building backgrounds or illustrations (see our calendar of June.) They are two colours “almost” complementary to define a perfect contrast 😉


Besom Font + Pineapple palette

It is a perfect font for capital letters with a casual and creative line, almost like traced with a brush. It is perfect for specific phrases, as in this case, or to highlight a word in a typographic print.


DFree download Besom font

This range of very tropical colours will take you to these paradise islands if you are still working. Can you see you under a palm tree in the sun? There is an interesting contrast of green and yellow. It can be useful in backgrounds and texts that can make contrasts between light and dark colours. We are combining similar colours.


Sunn Font + Kiwi palette

Surely many of you are thinking of Amatic, a Google Font, but if you check again, you will see that the line of Sunn is somewhat firmer without losing the creativity of being a handwriting font. . It is also similar to Silo Creativo’s font!


Free download Summ font

I like this range of colours, as it is almost monochromatic of green but with some details of brown, which gives strength and in design may be the turning point.


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