Tips to Consider in a Logo’s Design: Font, Name and Colour

Although we do not often talk about trademarks or branding in Silo Creativo , we do like to study some cases of brands that have succeeded and especially analyze their logos and fonts. As we have discussed on other occasions, the logo is the first reflection of your brand, and therefore the first option to reach your target audience.

The name is not as important as how to use colours and fonts. Are you not so sure? Today we will talk about the three elements to be considered for the design of a logo and in the next article we will see in a few success stories, how these three factors are used. Although, I advance that the name is never the most important factor!

Let’s start 😉

How to choose a name for my brand?

If I had THE answer to this question I would possibly continue writing articles for the blog, but probably I would do it from a more natural and relaxed environment. I may have already saved enough to buy “my own island” … 🙂 Joking aside, the good and the bad thing it is that there is no good or bad answer to this question.

We attach more importance to the names of what they actually have. Does the name you got from your parents define you? Your life will be better or worse depending on what is your name? The answer is no, and so does your brand. Obviously you must have in mind some basic things (like your parents when you were born or you if you have children,) but impossible is nothing. There is no good or bad name, but if you want to be sure, think if it meets these two tips:

Your name must sound good: the easier it is to pronounce, the better will be remembered and the less difficulty your clients will have to write it. If you do not want to be surprised and use a word in a language that is not yours, be sure to fully understand their significance.

– It must be consistent with your dedication and public: You can include or not a word that refers to your business, that’s accessory, but it is not advisable to call you “Edwards Dresses” if your name is Smith and you sell refrigerators. You can use words to your liking and even with irony, but thinks that the easier it is to remember the better. Your logo should make you recognizable and different from your competition.

What you must follow there are not strict rules, much less, it is time to use your creativity, but keep in mind that the name is the starting point of your business, not the end. It cannot be the harder point to you; it is much more important than the logo design is suitable in colours, shapes or fonts that the name itself.


We will see later how they were born some of the most important brands and you can check what I am telling you it is truth.

What font should I choose?

The answer is simple: the one that best suits your audience and make you unique. There is no wrong answer here, (well, if you use Comic Sans I will get my eyes bleed! ) But there are fonts that are better than others.

Your logo design and font will change as do the trends. It is difficult that your logo font is not updated, but it depends on what is your dedication. It will have one style or another. We were already talking about the differences between serif and sans serif and some of the myths surrounding them. If we leave aside and focus on the objective part, this decision can be of great help.

Define your audience and style of your brand and select the font that best fits. Remember it is a good time to choose a payment font that will be used by fewer people.

Defines the range of age, economic status, and of course what you sell. There are plenty of fonts, but perhaps not all go with your brand. Do not let you go just because of the trend of the moment; your logo has to be present but objective. Perhaps the hand lettering fonts are trend, but if your company is an undertaker’s, it might not be the style that best fits. Or for example, if you have a nursery school, a serif font with very sharp features will not be the best option.


It is very important to know your audience to get people identified with your logo and therefore closer to your brand

What is my colour?

I do not think there is one person (that usually read us) with any questions about what colour should they choose. Anyway, just in case, we leave some links that can be helpful for you. Remember, all colours convey a feeling, so if you use them properly, think you have come a long way! 🙂

Using the colours in your web or blog to make the most
The most used and favourite colours: Infographic
Combinations of colours using the colour wheel
A quick guide to using colour in design

Think about what you want to convey, and as with fonts, what is the audience intended for your brand. If your favourite colour is red and your company helps children who have been abused (for example) … Buy yourself a red shirt or dye your hair with this colour, but certainly do not use it for the logo.



We all want the best logo for our brand; it is totally normal. It is the first thing the customer sees and we want to make a good impression. So it is normal if you have questions like: it is the right name? Will it be easy to remember? Do I represent with the logo what I want to convey? … There are things we cannot control and others that will be responsible for achieving our goal.

We cannot ensure that it will appeal to everyone, but there are two factors that we can decide objectively and appropriately: the colour and font. If we get a good definition of these, we will have quite a way ahead.

Do not obsess on what is random and put all your strength into what it is not. Use the power of colour and fonts and get your goal. In the next article we will discuss some examples of success. Are you going to miss it?

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