6 Trends for Designing your logo in 2015

Do you want me to talk about logos? Yeah, right? and… trends! Today could be a good day for it, Monday, the third week of Mars … And perhaps without realizing it, this is the day you have been waiting to renew your logo or the time to design it if you do not have it yet!

We have already said it on other occasions: the redesign of the logo is not a maxim that should pass any logo designed at a particular time. But what if it may be convenient to do from time to time is to analyze trends and check if our logo is still adaptable to them. In case we do not like the word “redesign,” because it is very strong and it may seem that involves major changes (which is not true,) we can speak of renovation. Give a new look to your logo, without losing the shape but adapting it.

Moreover, if you are planning to make a logo for you or your brand, this is your place! 🙂 We will see some trends of 2015 in designing logos. Although, for those who follow trends, you will see that many are kept from last year, as what is good does not need to be changed 🙂 Of course, we will not leave behind the flat design. In fact, every day it is more present in the design of applications, including operating systems (like android.)

So, let’s see some trends in logo designs for this 2015:

1- Long live the geometric shapes!

We loved geometric shapes in 2014, but in 2015 we love them even more, because they are trend. Among them the hexagon stands out above all; it can be for its natural and perfect proportion or the order transmitted, but this is the geometric figure par excellence.
We also highlight the simple forms, although they are not regular, always in flat bottom or line to keep simplicity, neutrality and show the brand in a direct and simple way.


2- Flat design every year with us

We like the flat design and the best thing for us is that it remains trend every year. If something works, why change it? Moreover, in logos we find the flat design represented in several ways. On the other hand, as we discussed in the previous section, the flat bottom are also highlighted. Normally, simple and usually forms with one colour are trend, but it is also being trend, the representation of these forms in 3d through different colours.

Figures remain flat, have no three dimensions, but within them, through colours usually in the same range, we got a sense of three dimensions.


3- Inclusion of animals in logos

It is well known that most animals reflect qualities and sometimes we use them as a reference when we praise a feature. Thus, it can be a good resource that the image of our brand is reflected in an animal that has those qualities.

If we mix trends, it seems very interesting to include the image of animal with flat bottoms in 3d, that is the tendency we mentioned earlier.


4- Using the lettering

If I say that the lettering is trendy, I am sure I am not revealing anything new to you. We can see lettering everywhere; handmade fonts are in almost all areas of design. We must also warn that although it is a fact that the lettering is trend, it is not very clear if it has already exceeded its culminating point of exploitation, and in the coming years will fall.


5- Letter stacks

Of course, fonts had to be present in these trends of 2015. As discussed in the previous section, sometimes we just need a word with a proper typography and voila, here our logo is! Remember that typefaces can help you nicely to design your logo and can also combine with flat bottoms.

This case is very fashionable, upright font combinations in which the word is written by floor, as if it were a skyscraper. We can combine it with a flat bottom, but sometimes the font is so powerful that needs nothing more.


6- Design with single colour lines

If you like simple things, this is your design. We do not need many strokes to say many things, so sometimes a line can represent everything we want. This line may be of one colour for printing on a flat bottom or on a background image.


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