3 Free Fonts for Creative and Original messages

It’s been a few weeks of much colour! We wanted to make a guide not to be wrong with the colour combinations, so first we reviewed each colour, what they represented, what they meant and how to combine them using the chromatic circle.

So even if we are great experts in colours, we will let you relax a little (although having them nearby) and today we will talk about fonts, with, why not? a little of colour.

We have already talked about font combinations a lot of times, usually with Google Font. We like Google Font because it is a very large stock of free fonts, but sometimes we like to design on other free typefaces that are not Google Font: creative and original typefaces that are useful in presenting a typographical project such as a poster.

You know that at Silo Creativo, we prefer illustrations, but we also like to lay out with images. In this case, the images are taken from one of these stocks images that are a great resource when you need good quality images 🙂

On several occasions we have shown examples of using images with fonts to convey a message, with a Gaussian blur (another trend too,) but today we propose three other typefaces on an image unretouched with personality.

Remember that when you work with images and fonts, the choice of both of them is a really important thing, as the perfect image with the perfect font will help us to define the message more easily.

After seeing them, just say which one you prefer! 😉

Aroly Font

The first font that I bring is not suitable for all audiences 🙂 It is like if each of the letters was drawing their atoms or the industrial era was back. In any case it is a complex font, and we recommend its use in small doses.

You know geometric is fashion, so this font is a sure hit. I like it for short messages, to highlight a word, or to use in a particular word in a typographic print, and why not, to introduce different ranges of colour. Depending on its use, we can dare roughly with it.

It can also be a good choice for a logo from a letter we can retouch … The font is open to many uses because of its originality. Besides, by being versatile, we can use it in different ways without appearing to be the same font.



Mopster font

One of the things I like the most about this font is the variety of possibilities that it offers. On the one hand its thickness gives us the possibility to make designs filled or unfilled depending on what we want to convey; and moreover, it presents more “normal” characters and plays with others to give them a touch of creativity.

It has some similarities to the Baron font, but this is thicker and more curved.



Southpaw font

Fonts “by hand” are fashionable, but it’s not a surprise. We see this kind of fonts more and more. I like them especially in blogs or personal works, because this style of font seems closer. It is not complicated to combine. You can highlight particular words or construct entire messages like the image that I bring.



As you can see they all have high doses of creativity, making them perfect for use by combining them together or to define a message. They have so much personality that with the right image, you can easily convey a message.

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