Quick guide on using colours in the design

As not only with fonts you can live…. let’s talk about the colours! As I said when we talked about the gray, this was the last of the colours we were going to discuss… (but soon, very soon we will lodges gold and silver:) ) However, if we have already talked about all the colours it means that we already know all about them. We know when we must use red or blue, which is the best combination of orange and violet, and in which case we use the black and white… EVERYTHING! We know all about the colour ranges!

Construction of a colour scheme

Building a colour scheme, which in some cases may seem simple, and building a house can be likened: we need a strong foundation where the choice of these colours is sustained. We have already said many times, the choice of colour should be an informed choice.

Since each colour has the ability to convey different sentiments and feelings, take advantage of that ability and use them in your project. If we want to convey confidence, it is easier to include the blue colour in the logo, instead of put the word tranquility in the slogan. The visual is always faster to understand!

Colour harmonies

Once we have studied or reviewed the psychology of colours, we will speak of the harmony between them, ie the general combinations. Initially, I had thought to include everything in this article, but given the extent of it, this section will be extended next Monday. Thus we will have the weekend to review. 😉

What each colour means?

Thus, now that we know all the colours perfectly, it may be a good time to review them and highlight the features of each of them. Do you want to join us? 😉

The Black Colour

Maybe this is the colour that involves the highest contrast and opposed feelings. This is the colour of death and the end, but also of elegance par excellence. It is a good colour in the design, since it can be combined with almost any colour. Remember also that logo designs can be represented in black and white!


The White colour

The first thing we must remember is that the white is not equal to empty. If something is white, it has that white colour, so it does not mean it is not full. It is the colour of purity and elegance. Like the black, it is combinable with all colors and can give us order and calm.


The Grey colour

Although it is a colour that will add character, often it is widely used in our daily life. Being between black and white, it seems less aggressive than the second and more comprehensive than the first one. Although usually it is used in a derogatory manner, it is a good complement to the other colours, as it removes the weight that black would.


The Red colour

The red colour is strength, passion, conviction… This is the more often present colour; the colour of blood. Used too hard or bright can convey aggression; but red attracts attention. This is the colour of Silo Creativo!


The Orange colour

This is the ultimate fashion colour and intimately related to the change. It is the colour of the cheerful, is neither red nor yellow it is in the middle, almost keeping only the positive qualities of each. It is the passage from one to another, and therefore, the change. Besides being a colour that attracts attention, in advertising it is more a feeling than a colour.


The Yellow colour

Like the black, we can say that it is a contrasting colour. This is the colour of joy par excellence but also envy. It is a very ambiguous colour. It is the least stable colour. The mix with any other colour turns it dirty. It involves many conflicting feelings, so it is very difficult to use in design.


The Green Colour

As we said in speaking of green: it is much more than a colour. Green is a feeling and a way of being. Is the colour with more varieties to humans, as it is the colour of nature. Green hope, green tranquility… This is also the colour we use to accept, a step that brings us to the end. The most used colour for validation buttons.


The Blue Colour

All the qualities of this colour are positive: calm, peace, serenity… It is the sea and the sky, the infinite that attests. It is not a wished colour, but this is not the most hated neither. It is a safe bet in design because it does not wake negative qualities. Although, everything could not be positive; it is a bad colour for attention as it can go unnoticed.


The Purple Colour

This is a colour suitable for all; when you start assimilating it, it becomes part of you ;). It has opposite qualities that make it a unique colour attached to power and luxury. It is a risky colour, but sometimes we need risky things to win. 🙂


The Pink Colour

It is a colour that goes unnoticed for much of the population, but we cannot say anything bad about it. It includes such a wide range of colours that can be combined with each other, including a variety. It is the colour of sweet and childish, and everything that arouses good feelings.


The Brown Colour

Although it is a colour very little appreciated by the population, it represents one of the sensations that we like in nature: the warmth of home. This is mainly used in design for food brands associated with that color, such as those selling cocoa or coffee.


I hope you found useful this review, I remind you that Monday we will continue with the harmonies and colour combinations, so we will see the best way to combine them! See you next week!

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