5 Trends to Design Your Logo in 2017

With the New Year resolutions are coming, and also new trends for each of the areas of design. We will see the ones of the web design soon, but as it could not be of another form (since I am the one writing :),) today we are going to share trends in the graphic design and more specifically in the logos.

As you can see, trends in designing logos have varied over the years, but for some time now, about three years, they have remained largely. This does not mean that new trends and fonts have not been included, but in general, a logo designed three years ago with current trends, does not look old. It may need some tweaking, but it is known that it was not designed in 1992.

This was largely given by the flat design. All of the above looks old and outdated, but everything designed under this trend is current. It is true that flat design has also changed, it is not the same that was designed three years ago now, introducing dyes of material design and other tangential concepts, but in general it has maintained its essence.

In this way, for this 2017 some of the trends of previous years are maintained and other new features are included. Either way, the year has just begun, so I am sure that as time passes, new trends will be added to expand the list.

So, it is time (in addition to making the list with the New Year’s resolution) to reflect on our logo and see if it fits within any of these trends, and if it does not, make a redesign to adapt it to the new trends!

1. Minimalism

This point is the legacy of the flat design we talked about earlier. In 2017 it reaches its most minimal point, stripping the logos of any ornament left.

They are very simple designs but they are able to express what they need. In this way we find sometimes a letter or a letter and an icon that are responsible for creating a brand image.

In these cases, a single colour usually appears, or at most two and black is usually very present. Follow the idea of Mies Van der Roe, “Less is more,” taken to its extreme minimum.


2. Negative space

This is a trend that we collect of the previous year and that expands in this new year. As you can see, it has a lot of minimalism, because with a couple of strokes in which spaces are the main engine we can represent what we want. Everything that appears on the canvas is used by us.


3. Use of lines

This trend comes from the previous year and as you see everything is linked to minimalism. We use a line and make an object with it. If that line is already continuous, that is, made in a single stroke, we will be immersed in this new trend.

As expected, we only need one colour; and two if we play with the font to make our logo.


4. Handwritten typefaces

Handwritten typefaces have been a trend for a few years, but if we can add something this year, is the use of custom fonts. In this way we combine two very important factors when it comes to logo design. On the one hand we are designing with a trend, and on the other hand we are introducing a totally personalized element, that in this case is the text.

If you cannot customize so much your font, do not worry, the handwritten styles are still trend; but if you can include that point… go ahead!


5. Vintage

Last but not least, the vintage style trend continues. It seems a little contradiction that both minimalism and vintage styles are trend, which is usually more overloaded, but you have to think that beauty is in the middle.

Not because we use a vintage logo it should be overloaded. Quite the opposite, to remove it, for example, we can use a single colour and include the font within the logo. In this way, the force that a more complex logo can print is reduced by the inclusion of a single colour and the permanence of the font within the logo.

Either way, as we usually say, they are just trends, so you can choose the one that best suits your project. Some are complementary but others are not, and it is not a better logo the one that includes all the trends, but the one that best represents your brand using the trends of the moment.


I hope you liked it! We have to do a review and see if we have to do redesign

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