8 Logo trends in 2019

With so many new brands, it is increasingly difficult to design a logo that draws attention and is different from the others. The trends are changing all the time and if we do not want to stay behind, we have to update our logo. The problem is that it must be unique and not like any of its surroundings.

Therefore, it is very important in addition to knowing trends, to check how our logo can be adapted to them. If we already have a logo, we must remember that we cannot lose the essence of the brand, and if we are ready to design it, we should try to take into account the current fashions.

Sometimes, the trends change so much that we are tempted to redesign our logo so that it does not stay out of them. But we have to keep in mind that the important thing is that our brand becomes recognizable and therefore, that its design, with small changes, remains over time.

1. The serif works

We have always said that “less is more” and that logos do not have to be complicated to work. But this does not mean that we have to leave serif typefaces aside, but rather the opposite. The serif works, and by choosing well, it does it perfectly. We just have to take into account some details.

The ornaments sometimes print too much personality and can get to obstruct “the message,” so it can be a good idea to choose a serif in which the ornaments have a smaller size.

There are many sans serif logos, so if you choose a serif you will be giving a point of distinction to your brand.

2. Logos with great details

As we have been saying, it is true that we have tended toward minimalism for years, but it seems that this trend may begin to crack to make way for one in which the logos become more complex.

We are talking about logos that include different lines, colours … Small elements that unite everything. This has to be perfectly thought out and designed, since in the end we have more of a work of art than a logo.


Clearly because of their complexity, they are not suitable for all brands since the logo itself will be complex. We will try to make the colour combination smooth and the fonts simple.

3. Overlapping elements

This trend, which already appeared in the typefaces, as it cannot be otherwise, makes an impression on the logos. It is a resource that at first may seem daring to an element of small dimensions, but that well used gives us depth and visual interest.

Paypal is one of the brands that does it with good results.

However, as we announced, it is a resource to use with caution, as it is better to overlap only one object and try to make colour help us achieve it.

4. Lowercase fonts

If a few years ago the use of capital letters was almost mandatory in the design of logos, this year we will see the opposite: logos that are designed only with lowercase letters. Until now, it is different, so designing with a lower case will make your logo more original and creative.

Of course, the choice of font is very important. We need strength and elegance with contrast between font and background to make sure that it will be read correctly.


Having a lot of visual load, it works better with short logos than long logos. If you have too much extension you can lose readability.

5. Initials

The initials are fashionable. At a time when we try to economize in written language, this trend goes directly to logos. We take the initials that can be three or four characters and we develop the logo on them.

This option is more popular among professionals whose brand is themselves and use their initials to make themselves known, but it is not just for them.

Being very simple allows us to use animations or include the trend that we talked about in point 2 (more complex elements.)

6. Simple forms and lines

Although we said that there is a trend in which the logos become more complex and different lines and shapes appear, the logos in which the simple lines are responsible for designing it are still fashionable.

In the end, if the dimensions of our logo are going to be reduced, because it is the icon of an app or appears in a digital environment, in general, lines and simple forms will work better than a more complex design.


The thick and thin lines are trend, so do not hesitate to use them.

7. Circles

If we have already said that the simple lines are trend, the circles are the winners. Last year we saw that they became stronger in the design of icons, and this year they begin to do so in the design of logos.

They are the simplest and at the same time most complex form that we can use in countless ways. They are fluid and are associated with energy, power, the infinite…

8. Our colour logos

We already know that we must be very careful in the colour combinations, and that normally when we design we should not do it with more than three colours (except for exceptions,) so it is not surprising that one of the trends is the use of a colour.

This has an additional benefit, and that is that we will make our brand completely recognizable with that colour, so we must choose it well. That colour must represent our brand perfectly.


However, we also witness the opposite, logos in which colour explodes and reaches us. But be careful, just like when we talked about complex logos, we have to know how to combine the colours to keep their strength.


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  1. Thanks for amazing tips. Logo designs in this digital age has been changing at a fast pace and there has been a shift. Color trends in logo designs has also changed over the period of time

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