7 Trends to Design your logo in 2016

If a few weeks ago we talked about the factors that must be taken into account in the design of logos, today it is time to talk about the trends for designing them in this year 2016.

Like when we were talking about web design, many of the trends of the New Year emanate from the above and even persist. And it is normal. Although in a year new trends and developments appear, when something works, it is normal to be maintained, perhaps it suits new trends but it will keep the same essence.

In this way, like last year, it is time to check if our logo needs a redesign or, if you still do not have it, take note to design it. Remember the key principle that a logo must meet and the three points to keep in mind. If everything is clear, it is time to start talking about trends!

However, we must bear in mind that trends are not obligations. If our logo does not meet any and seem outdated, you use comic sans (I hope not, because my eyes can start bleeding …) or even maintain the use of shadows, it may be time to consider a redesign. But if instead, your logo follows any of these trends or approaches enough, without being entirely trend, maybe just need a little change. Remember that what we want with our logo is to build our brand image and be recognizable, so it is not advisable to redesign it every year.

Obviously if you do not have any logo and you are thinking of designing it, then it is highly advisable that it meets at least some tendency. I’m sure that you do not want to have a logo in 2016 that looks like a logo in 1992.

As you can see, although each trend takes an image, in almost all of them are appreciated more than a trend combined with each other!

So, let’s start with the trends for logos in 2016 😉

1. Use of the negative space

As we have already said many times: the use of negative space is trending! If we design a logo starting from a blank canvas, why not use it? Sometimes we can get even more out of the negative than the positive space, because like white is a colour, there is never extra space but we can work with it giving the way we need.

Besides the good use of negative space improves readability and get your logo very original.


2. Combination of two colours

Closely tied to the previous point, the combination of two colours in the use of negative space will equip your logo simplicity and elegance. If we create contrast between them and use a suitable combination, we get an effect that will make us unique.

Many of the best known brands are renewing their logos in this regard. Although gradients are still trend, a great option is to use two colours that characterize the brand and combine them. Sometimes this combination is between black and white but it is not the only one.


3… But without neglecting gradients

Although the use of two colours to print contrast and set the brand are catching on, gradients are still tendency in the logo design. Clearly maintaining the flat style and printing character but concreteness. We do not need an amalgam of colours that do not express anything. The use of gradients must be justified.

In the same way that the use of them in the headers of the web is trending, it is also in logos.


4. Font games

We have already said it in the case of headers and trends for web design: the use of unique and original fonts increasingly takes more strength. Since I need a font for my logo, it is better if I create it myself and with this I win all the originality.

Although for this we can use serif and sans serif types, now, the lettering is catching on (still remaining from last year.) Handmade is fashionable, so the use of the lettering style is too.


5. Low Polygon

This trend comes directly from the flat design. By losing all three dimensions, we must look for flat resources that transmit that feeling.

This is very simple. We just convert the object into a polygon and use a monochrome gradient. Did you hear about it? Sure! It is that we applied to our flower in the calendar of March!


6. Overlaping

Another trend that is increasing is the use of these polygons or geometric shapes that create an overlap, whether as a shadow or to create movement. In this case we can use a monochromatic range or a combination of two or more colours that provide intensity and strength.

In contrast places are where we can print the strength and elegance.


7. Lines

Although, mostly, flat designs are trend, the trend of logos “drawn” to a single line remains from the previous year. It can be a continuous line that begins and ends or a composition thereof.

In this case a single colour or the combination of two creating contrast prevails.


In this New Year we will be attentive to new developments! 😉

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