5 Tips to Know if your Logo Should be Redesigned

Although we have talked many times about logo redesigns trying to give some advice on when it is time to change it, we understand that it is not easy to decide. It is true that sometimes it is clear that our logo needs to be redesigned: it does not follow trends and has become old; it does not represent that for which it was designed. But it’s not always like this.

Sometimes we leave that over time, because we do not find signs for change it and when we want to redesign it is too late and we have to make a radical change. This is not mean that it has to be redesigned every few minutes, but on the contrary, we have to review the logo so that it does not run out of date, and it does not miss the brand image.

A while ago we saw logos that had been redesigned with more and less success. In most cases, failed cases were preceded by a bad analysis of it. Our advice, in general, is that you never have to redesign without a reason. I bring up the Ellen Lupton phrase “Think more, design less.” Not everything has to be redesigned. If something works, better leave it (though you check.)

Either way, as we were announcing, there are some factors that can determine if our logo should be redesigned, so today we give some tips for it!

NOTE: There are some examples of well-known brands that have made a redesign of their logo. On the left there is always the old one.

1. My logo does not conform to trends

We have said it on innumerable occasions, this does not mean that our logo should be changed every year with the trends of the moment, but it must be checked. If the colour of the year is the Green Mint and my logo is yellow, of course that’s no reason to change it. However, if my logo design is not flat design… that can be a good time to redesign it.

We must not get carried away by trends, but objectively analyze our logo and apply relevant aesthetic changes.


2. My logo is not adapted to the new display formats

In this article you can read about it more expanded, but here are the basics. It is common knowledge that the Internet browsing on mobile devices is increased against computers. Just as no one would doubt that a website has to be responsive, it is time to make the same with logos.

It does not mean that my logo have to be redesigned because when it was designed there were no phones, but you should Check if it is displayed properly on all devices. It is very important to know the dimensions in which it is going to be displayed and adapt them to it. If you do not want to do a total adapted redesign, it might be good to have a version thereof that is displayed perfectly.


3. The current design is not identified with the current brand

We are not the same today than we were a year ago, or next year, and it can happen also with brands. Perhaps a brand born with an essence, and although the main features (as occurs in people) are maintained, there may be factors that change. If these factors were represented in the logo do not forget to review it.

Do not be afraid to make a broader redesign of the logo if you believe that the brand has changed. The quantum leap can seem risky, but thinks that perhaps it is more risky to have a brand that does not correspond to you.

4. Changing the name

You know that the name is not the main thing when deciding on a design, so it is not so rare that over time, this will change. It seems obvious but it is not so. Sometimes for whatever the brand name changes, we want to continue to recognize it, so we keep the same logo adapting it to the new name. Sometimes it can work, but you should always check to decide if it can stay or not.

Normally what can help us make that decision is the reason why we want to rename it. If we are going to change the dedication of the brand it does not make sense that the name be kept, for example. If, however, the functions are to be maintained, it may not have to be redesigned. Although anyway, colours and shapes that objectively were decided for one thing may not serve for the new.


5. The image is not assimilated to our brand

There are times in which though we design thinking something of our brand, it ends up taking a turn and this does not fit. Be careful! It is not the same that we discussed in section 3. In this case we speak of logos that do not succeed; they do not become recognizable and therefore are not able to have a place in the market, and not of brands that change function.

Sometimes the logo does not represent what we want or there is an error in the execution, sometimes colours are bad executed… If you hear that people do not like your logo… it can be a good idea to make a review. There are words and images that can have a double meaning and sometimes you need time to see them.



In short, changing is not a failure; it is a bold step that usually we all should take. The important thing is to give it at the right time!

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  1. Hey Veronica,
    I built my logo for my graphic designing company, but now I am getting started with other e-commerce services like Website building and Blogging too, and now I just don’t feel like the logo fits that anymore. Although it feels weird to change it, now I think I just have to.

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