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Now we are back and immersed in this New Year we expected with enthusiasm. So we will start talking about our favorite topic “fonts” as they are like good wine, they improve with age, and it is always a good time to use them!

As promised, and it is a debt that we have been dragging since last year, we will continue with the list of fonts in handwriting and vintage style. In another article we proposed the first four, so now is the turn of the 4 that we were missing.

Like the previous, all are free, although some of them have a paid version in which some types more are included. Furthermore, as we discussed in the web design trends in fonts, some of the previous year are also collected, as vintage fonts that give a retro but modern air.

As we have said repeatedly they are perfect for use in typographic prints. Being very creative, they also have high readability. Overall they are commonly used in capital letters, as its thickness can be difficult to read for paragraph text, but they are perfect for typographic prints.

Let’s see them! They certainly will be of great help to your designs in this New Year! 🙂

Code Pro

This is a font with a free version and a paid for those who want to download more types. It’s different from the others because without becoming a serif, some of the characters have some scrolls (like “i”, for example) that remind us of some of the above. This detail makes it more special and different.


download font code pro


It is a clean and full legibility font perfect to convey powerful messages. Its style gives it a vintage touch while brings modernity. It is free and even taking only one type versatility makes it perfect.

It can also be a good choice for a logo!


download font moderne


I love the vintage fonts in which you can combine two options thicknesses, as in this case. Thus within the same message we can highlight those parts that draw our attention or in which we want the user to stare.


download font nexa


I love the creativity found in each of the characters in it. Everyone has something that makes it special so they can be used independently.

However, we must consider a few things: it can only be written in capital letters because of its thickness, and we must be aware that depending on the background on which we are working it can lose some readability.


download font manifiesto

I hope you like them. Download! 🙂

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