4 Creative Typefaces Free Download

You know that we love the Google Fonts, the perfect typefaces for use in web and graphic projects. But also, from time to time we allow ourselves to love some original and creative fonts, which may not appeal to everyone but if you are among the chosen, you download and use them over and over again.

The last time we talked about these fonts we recommended them to logos, as they can be a great idea if you do not want to invest in premium fonts choosing one with a touch of creativity that is not so well known. But as you can see, they are a great resource for many more uses.

Also, the more they are shared the more difficult it is to choose, but it is always good to have a good (and large) number of fonts. You just have to keep them save so they do not get lost! 😉

I propose today several fonts that have a different style, so that you can find the one that best suits you. Furthermore we combine them with some of the free images that you can download on these stock images.

I hope you like and download!

Peace Sans

In addition to its fun and original character, with a thickness out of the ordinary and curves not suitable for all, I love that it has all the characters and numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, in addition to also include the “letter ñ”. It is a character that does not exist in all languages, many of the fonts do not have it, so when we find one that includes it, is noteworthy.

So, I think it cannot be more complete, so it is perfect for a print, a poster or a logo. I love its summer character!




It is a font with a vintage character but with some details that differentiate it from other already seen and the handwritten style, having irregular lines. Unlike the above, you must keep in mind that it is only in uppercase and that even if it has all the numbers, it does not include some of the characters as well as the letter ñ.

It reminds me of a western typeface, but most current and creative, perfect for superimposing on a more rustic photography or a natural landscape.




It is perhaps the most creative and original typeface of the list and therefore not suitable for all. Here we can only find uppercase letters, missing even numbers.

However, far from limit, it gives us a wide range of possibilities. Keep in mind that its incomplete characters limit readability, so we have to take into account what we will use for. It is perfect, for example, for a short message or to create visual games.




As in any good list of creative fonts, you could not miss a perfect handwritten style for lettering that is trend at this time. No matter for what you need it… a logo, a sheet … The Selima typography is very versatile.

In addition, like the Peace, it includes all uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters and the letter “ñ”. Can we ask for more? We have everything we seek.



I hope you enjoyed and of course you download them and appear in your summer designs! 😉

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