5 Original Fonts Free Download

There is so much variety of typefaces that sometimes we find it difficult to choose and it can become monotonous to always use the same. With texts paragraph it is more common. If we are comfortable with a font that gives us the readability we seek and works perfectly in size and proportion, it is normal that we stay with it and use it in most of our projects.

However, when we are looking at a project in which we have more freedom, we need to have different fonts on which to choose. We are talking about logos, typographic prints or some web elements we want to highlight or give more importance.

Often we share these kinds of fonts; but almost daily, there are new fonts that coexist with the others that are worth to consider. In addition we face so many styles that it can be tricky to keep only one.

Sometimes by strokes, they can remind us to another font, but we must bear in mind that the curvature or spacing are the factors that differentiate them from others, giving rise to these new original typefaces.

So, we will see these new, original and very creative fonts free download.

Little Cutie

It seems that the lettering is here to stay, so it is easy to find many fonts with this style. However, although at first they may seem very similar, if we look closely, we will see that each of them has some details that make them different and special. The position of the characters within words or inclination of elements such as dots and dashes result in a unique and creative font.


download font little cutie

Sitka brush

We are sticking with the lettering, but this time with a typeface in capital letters. We highlight the contrast between his strokes, the width of the vertical parts against horizontal parts, which give rhythm to the font.

In addition, its thickness can serve to provide transparency and play with the images that appear on the background, superimposing figures.


download font Sitka brush


Excluding the lettering and going to a geometric typeface, we present you Kano. The inclination of the characters is well studied, and all end with a cut slanted that make them characteristic.

We can use both lowercase and uppercase, but we must consider the thinness of their lines in combination with the backgrounds.


Download font Kano

Tiki Taka

This creative font has three types, each with specific characteristics. The first one has some polygonal characters, the second maintains the same strokes, and on the third each character is different from above presenting some details that can help us create a single message.

Although there is no distinction between upper and lower case in the first two types, the third “Ramdeuter” does. Even if the characters always appear in capital letters, the picture they present is different.

While here I will do a little test, I encourage you to go to the link to download and test all characters. Since you cannot only serve to create a particular design, but also you can use a particular character to highlight something in particular.


Doenload font tiki taka

Buffalo Scrip

We return with the lettering, but this time with a very different style to the previous ones. In this case the lines are thinner and delicate and when we form words, it reminds us of those with whom we learned to write for its perfection and careful unity between its characters.
It is perfect to combine uppercase and lowercase letters, as the ornament uppercase characters is like alive.


Download font buffalo scrip

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