7 Tips for make the text of Your Blog readable

If last week we talked about pictures and how we can retouch them to get the image we need for our website, and the previous one we talked about icons to add on our website to give a new look to it, this week we will talk about that thing without a web would not be the same and a blog would have no meaning: the text.

As we say, it is perhaps the most important element that gives meaning to a website. If it is true that if our website is about photograph or illustrations, texts are secondary, but still in that kind of blog you need to write (just see our Silvio.) Only by SEO positioning, it is important that our blog contains words

Thus, when we write a blog it is because we want to share our thoughts and these thoughts are transmitted in a text form. Surely many of you when you were at school, the teacher scolded you because your handwriting was not readable. Well, on your blog goes absolutely the same: the text must always be legible! There is little point in trying to convey a message that cannot come to our receivers because it is not readable.

This does not mean we have to be Cervantes. Creative and imaginative license runs each, but our text needs to meet some tips to do so readable for visitors. But do not worry. Following these simple tips you will not have any problems! 😉 Let’s start it!

What is a readable text?

It seems obvious: a readable text is a text easy to read. This clearly means that what the text says has to have meaning and convey a message, but also brings many intrinsic factors such as the choice of font, type size, the length of the sentence or paragraph

It is not the same the text that appears in a printed book than the text shown on a screen. In general to read on screens is more tired and more difficult (leaving aside the ebook.) In fact it is estimated that we only read on screens approximately 25% of the text.

For example, in almost every house there is a tablet or a smartphone, so if you like cooking, you could use them to see all the recipes you want. However, in my case, and I know it’s not the only one I prefer to copy and store them in my recipe book. So I cook easily. But this is just one example.

This marks the fact that we must strive to keep our audience even if it costs more that people read on the screen.

If you’ve come this far, maybe we’re not doing wrong 😉

NOTE: We’ve talked about some of these tips in the article 5 tips for Success with your Web project, but we wanted to make a collection of them, so remember that we already have and add some more.

1- Good choice of our fonts

We must be objective: It may be that your favorite font is the “Lobster two,” but you must be clear that is not a font to use in paragraph text. We say it many times, creativity for titles but readability for paragraph text.

The font we choose must clearly be read, so the less ornament the better. Mind you, this does not mean that we use only sans serif typefaces. Serifs are completely valid, but whenever they have a very high readability.


2- Font combination with contrast

We have already spoken on many occasions: the contrast in fonts is the oracle where the choice should be based. If we use font combinations you must remember that the contrast between them by combining serif and sans serif or using the same family should be fully palpable, so that we are prioritizing our text.


3- Font size

Currently it is not uncommon to see blogs whose font size is smaller than we’d like. There has been a trend for some time, which clearly does have an expiration date.

When we write we do not do it for ourselves. We may have a keen eye and can read a font of size 6, but in general the population does not. We have to go to more standard font sizes. Talking about 16 pixels is a good size.

Use the capital letters just when necessary. They are not recommended for paragraph text, as we tend to read faster in lower case and so we get less tired.


4- Correct spacing and spaces

Between each of the words and phrases must be the correct spacing. In fact it is almost as bad as they appear really close as very separate. Obviously if they are very close, these would be overlapping and thus avoiding that the message can be conveyed correctly.


Moreover, if the spacing is bigger than required, we can lose track of the message and go down the web without understanding what we are reading.

The spacing must be enough to makes life comfortable for the reader. At the same time it should help us to prioritize somehow the text. Do not be afraid of the blank!

5- Line length

In addition to the spacing we should take into account the length of the text line. We usually read at a glance, so if you have to move your neck to read … this is bad. What we read should occupy the visual space of our eyes. We should never search the text.

The best text length ranges from 40 to 70 characters (including some 15 to 18 words) depending on the size of the text, as we understand that we can read it without feeling out too long.

If your pages are wider, you are working at full size, so you can play with the text and images to get a proper line length.


6- Text alignment

Not so long ago I was a freak of text alignment, I admit it. But then I realized it was not the most efficient way to read. It is true that there was very “tidy,” but the spaces between the words were not real.

Therefore, the best (western) form of text alignment is to the left. Our eye always read from left to right so it is more comfortable for us. The spacing between words is correct and we will not be tired.

However for certain titles or phrases that we want to emphasize, we can use a text alignment.


7- Poor contrast between text and background colour

As there must be contrast between the font combinations chosen, it is equally important that there is contrast between text and background text. If you use the white for the text and the light blue for the background, I am sorry to be the one to tell you that your text will be unreadable.

It is very good to invent and create, but the most important thing is that text can be read, so that the best combination is black text on white background. And if you want to use patterns or backgrounds, as we recommended, go for it, but the text should always be on white background.

combination-colour blackgorund

In short, the legibility of the text is the most important thing of it, so use it with consciousness. The most important thing is to convey the message, so if you follow these specifications I am sure you will get it.

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  1. Great tips for improving the readability of blog content! I particularly appreciate the emphasis on using shorter paragraphs, subheadings, and bullet points to break up large chunks of text. As someone who reads a lot of online content, these techniques make a huge difference in keeping me engaged and focused on the message being conveyed. The suggestion to use an active voice is also important and something I try to be mindful of in my writing.

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