5 Original trendy fonts

With the New Year, new trends in design and everything related to it also appear; in this case we will talk about fonts. It is true that many remain from one year to the next and that there are no radical changes that leave aside any of the previous year, but they are adopting new styles little by little.

For a few years, handwriting and vintage fonts have coexisted with us. It seems that they will be with us for a few more years, but they are not the only ones. We like original and versatile typefaces as we can manage them to give our projects a creative air.

In this case we will talk about free fonts. Although there are many premium fonts that, as we have spoken on numerous occasions, are a great resource to give us uniqueness (as they are less used,) today there is such a range of free fonts that it is also hard to repeat fonts ;). Some may come to resemble, but if we stop to see them, we will check that the characters of each one of them have something special and that they usually differ in the thickness, finishing of the strokes … Small details that give each of them something special.

In the list that today we propose you will find some handwriting styles and others more original, so that all your projects can have the perfect font!

Geometric Font

It is perhaps one of the most original of the list. With a very unique style, this font is chosen because of its thickness. We can use it in a single colour, but also introducing different tonalities so we will achieve different depth effects. It is a very original typeface to which we can take much advantage as we can repeat it without appearing to be the same.

Font to use in capital letters but that includes many special characters such as accents, numbers and some signs.


Download geometric font

Ballada duo

As always, it could not miss a handwriting font on our list. In this case we bring you a two in one; actually we have two types that almost become four because we can use them in lowercase and uppercase.

On the one hand we have a handwriting font, and on the other hand, a typography that is written in lowercase with an air of almost capital letters, whose strokes seem to be talking about a different type of font.


Download Ballada

Fusterd brush

With a handwriting style, as if we were talking about strokes, this font is perfect to give a modern look to your design. Their characters are irregular so they remind us even more to the writing style.

In this case we also have two types within the same typeface, to write in uppercase and lowercase.


Download Fusterd Brush


A font like the previous one, with a handwriting style as if we were talking about paint strokes, but in this case we only have uppercase characters.

In addition the thickness is different from the previous one and we find a typeface thicker and with more rounded characters.


Download Odachi

AO Mono

We talked about a similar font with polygonal edges on another occasion, but that we could only use in capital letters. So, in this case we wanted to share this one, that besides being used in capital letters, it can be also used in lowercase. Although it is true, when we use it in lowercase, it loses a little the polygonal character and reminds us more of a “typewriter” style.

In this way we can almost say that we have two types in one, because depending on how we use it, it has a different character and we can use it in different ways.


Download AO Mono

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these. I could definitely use these on my website and on my other blogs. However, among all these, my favorite one is AO MONO as it appears to be therapeutic.

  2. This is an awesome post about the trendy fonts. The description of the trendy fonts is very useful for me. Thanks a lot for providing such information.

  3. Hey Dude! It is a well written article. I am glad and impressed to read this article. The whole list of fonts is classic but I like Geometric Font. I will use it in my next projects.
    Thanks, I will definitely come back.

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