Free Downloadable Typographic Print: To be Wrong

We haven’t shared a typographic print for a long time… So, today is a good moment! Autumn is coming and the days are grays, shorter and we are sad because we don’t see the sun. Thus, let’s go to talk about creativity!

We live in a world where “failure” or “to go wrong” are bad things. It seems necessary that we have to be successfull every day. However, failure helps us more than doing things in the correct way. You can only go wrong if you try it and usually we have to try it more than once.

I remember the words of Einstein: “The mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work unless it’s open”. When we open our minds, as good as bad, we will find the best solution for our problems!

Each failure makes us stronger and helps us to get the final objetive!

Designed by Silo Creativo


Click on the image to download it in A4 size

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