5 Free fonts to give Originality to your Logo

Reviewing the subject of the last articles, I have realized that we have not been sharing fonts for too long, and of course, we had to do something about this.

As the last time we were talking about Google Font, in this case we will share free download fonts with an original and creative character, which are sure perfect for your logo or poster. In addition, as we have already seen some of the trends in the design of logos for this year, surely you will find among some of these fonts the one that adapts to the style you are looking for.

We have tried to choose fonts of different styles and above all versatile fonts with a special touch.

Remember also that if we want to combine two fonts and one of them has a lot of personality, we must try to choose another with a completely different character and of course that does not take away the importance of the main one.

Let’s go!

Avenue X

We start with a font with a lot of personality. Its strokes are straight and could be confused with another sans serif if it were not for each of the details that have their characters. These make it go from flat font to having a certain volume.

It is not a font to abuse (it might tire us) but it is perfect for a logo or packaging. I think it has a lot of rhythm!



Rising star

If you are thinking of making a logo on a line of a stroke, this can be the perfect font to accompany it. It has a handwriting style with a vintage air that makes it different.

The font can be downloaded for free when we subscribe.


DOWNLOAD FONT rising star


Among the 4 types available we can make different combinations depending on the style we need. The originality of each of them will allow us to use them alone for a logo or for paragraph text.

It is very versatile, since we can take its minimalist type for a logo of this style or the rough or rust to give a more vintage air.



Lauren Scrip

It could not miss on this list a font that is perfect for lettering.

Although it may seem that most of this type of lettering are similar to each other, as we have said on numerous occasions, we must be very aware of the curvature of the characters and the stroke of them.

In this case as you can see, we can play with the beginning and end of the words to give continuity to them.




Last but not least, I bring you the most creative font on this list. While it is true that it is not as versatile as the others, if it goes with the style we are looking for it may be the perfect font.

It has a lot of personality and we do not need anything else to make sense to our project.



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