3 Tips for Designing Your Logo According to Trends

We have already talked about logos and trends for its design in 2017, so now we will give some advice to reach the design that will please your audience.

In this way, we are going to study some factors that you must take into account before beginning to design it and that will help you to reach the design that you are looking for.

In general, when we are going to design a logo, a lot of images about well-known brands that are represented perfectly by its logo come to our mind. We all want to get that, and even if it seems difficult is not so much. We just have to be clear about what we want to achieve and know some steps that will bring us closer to it.

In this way, and taking into account what we want to represent is, we can start with these factors, which may help us to take the first step as well as to polish our design and give it the finish we were looking for.

In the same way, they can also be a good tool to discard ideas, helping us to focus on what we are looking for and leaving aside all the concepts that are out of trend and therefore will not help us create the attractive image we need.

1. Simplicity

As you know, this is not much less attached to a meaningless logo or lack content, but quite the opposite. The first trend is the minimalism. If you keep reading about trends, you will see that it applies to the different styles and of course the simplicity goes very close to this.

We are in the flat design era, so everything you can do simpler is better. Do not use lines that do not express anything. Everything that appears in the logo has to have a sense and be for a reason. If there is not, it is best that you remove it.


In addition to this simplicity: use as much as possible two or three colours and one or two fonts. The logo is something that must remain in our memory, so the more complex you make it, the more difficult it will be to retain it.

2. Flexibility

This factor involves many complementary concepts.

– Although we have already spoken on numerous occasions that it is not a priority, we must take into account the responsive design. You know that it is not essential to make an exclusive design just responsive, but to know with complete assurance that your logo looks and suits perfectly.

– It must be very clear that the logo is seen and understood perfectly in all dimensions. That is to say, it can be resized, and whether we use it for a poster of the underground or for a web of 200px, the logo has to be read perfectly.

This will help us to choose the right colours and fonts, so that we can resize it without problems. If the font is not legible to a small size, think if your logo will NEVER appear to that size.

– In the same way, and as we talked about in this article, the logo should be read well regardless of the background colour. That is, it must be compatible with both light and dark backgrounds. If colours do not allow it, we can put our logo in black or white and therefore make it effective regardless of the background.


It may seem insignificant but it is very important to have a logo that suits all possible scenarios because we do not know where it will appear. Of course this does not have to restrict the choice of colours nor the overall design of the logo, but if it has to be flexible so when we need a change for a specific support this does not involve redesigning it.

3. Let’s think a little about branding

The two previous factors were attributable to all logos; to this point they are things that must be taken into account regardless of the brand it represents. But of course, we have to give our logo something that makes it unique (otherwise it would be very easy.)

We have to think of something representative of the brand and make it unique and different. Something that makes it stand out over other logos of similar products. It does not have to be very complex, sometimes it is only a small detail (as we saw in the case of Fedex,) but if we manage to discover it, it will give you an added value that will make it stand out among the others.

Also, at this point it is better if we can use one of the trends of this year as is the use of the negative. Maybe in that negative we can introduce the factor that makes our logo different.


Obviously it is the most complex point and where we have to let our creativity fly, but nobody said that this was easy!


As you can see, although there may be many factors that influence the design of a logo, we could summarize them in these three and apply the new trends. It is very important that it is simple and flexible, if not, you are leaving aside many visitors, and of course give the distinction, originality and creativity necessary for your logo to be different from the competition and therefore distinguishable from it.

It is not an easy task, but if you follow that with patience, it will lead to success and you will make your logo timeless, that is, it adapts to all trends.

I hope it was useful for you!

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