4 Google Fonts very Versatile to Make Combinations

Although we have talked about different fonts, we have not shared Google Fonts for a long time. In fact, I think we have not commented that there is a new website with a material design style, which is more trend. The design is more intuitive and the combination of colours: grey and red, gives a touch of creativity that we love. I encourage you to visit it and navigate!

With the change, they have also introduced new Google Fonts in each of the styles, thus expanding its catalogue and giving new options for font combinations. So, it’s a good time to share some Google Fonts that we love and that have a great versatility, in this case, some Sans Serif.

As you know,when we speak of Sans Serif, we talk usually about fonts that we use for paragraph texts, so we always look for them to include several types within the same family and thus have some versatility. We combine different thicknesses without leaving the family, which is simpler for a design (as we are only using a font,) but at the same time the combination can provide the contrast we need.

It is true that the variety of Sans Serif is so great that sometimes it is difficult to decide between one or the other and we have to rely on the small details of the characters. One of them has already been released on our November calendar, and as you see it gives an original air.

As you will see, they are perfect fonts because of their readability, which makes them very useful for editorial projects and of course for the paragraph text of a website.

Let’s start!

EkMukta Font

It is a font with seven types ranging from extra light to extra bold, which makes it very complete. It is noteworthy that within its elegant characters, there is a point of originality. I like the way in which the circumference of its characters is created as it gives a more dynamic air.

Emphasizing the distance between its characters helps the reading without being too condensed or too separated.


Download font ek mukta

Palanquin Font

We find two groups of fonts with the same name. On the one hand, we have palanquin with 7 types within the family ranging from thin to bold. In this case and unlike the previous font, the characters do not have a continuous thickness but they change by giving a different and dynamic shape.


Download font palanquin

On the other hand, we have the Dark palanquin, which includes four types of different thicknesses of bold, so the combination with the previous onecan be perfect, getting a greater contrast between the paragraph text and the title.


Download font palanquin dark

Yantramanav Font

The previous one was a more elongated font, and now we find this type that stands out for its curves. In general, it has a more “round” aspect and therefore its characters are wider than the previous typefaces, it consists of 6 types ranging from Thin to Black so we can make different combinations with this family.

In addition, the characters do not have as much dynamism as the previous ones, as we could say, it seems that they are inscribed in a grid.


Download font yantramanav

Poppins Font

This typeface contains 5 types within the family but they are more than enough to create combinations between them. Its characters are larger than the previous ones so you have to take it into account to define the size of it.

It is possible to emphasize its elegant stroke, but at the same time very original, that gives it a singular touch.


Download font poppins

Which one do you prefer? Each one has a different style to the previous one and surely you can use more than one depending on the situation

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