5 Google Fonts Combinations for Download and Use

On many occasions we have shared creative and original typefaces that are perfect for creative posters or tittles, but we had been promising you an article in which the protagonists were our dear Google Fonts. So as promised, today we bring you some combinations of Google Fonts ready to copy and use.

We have already spoken several times of the possibilities offered by these fonts to use and combine. Often we use the serif/sans serif combination to express contrast, and other times we find families with such extensive types that we can opt for one of them.

Today we will focus on this second case, in which only with the family (regardless if serif or sans serif) we can do great typographic works. Since the last time we talked about Google Fonts combinations, we have added a few more to the list, so we will share some perfect combinations to copy and use.

Where should I use a font combination?

In this case, combinations of which we speak, although they can (and should) be extrapolated to all areas, work very well for text layout in physical / digital and web designs. Clearly they can (and should) be used in the design of posters and typographic prints, but maybe at some point they are not as creative as others that are made specifically for these supports.

Remember that all Google Fonts are free to use and download, and easy to use for web design. We usually use them for this and its universality in our templates for WordPress. If before everyone knew “Times New Roman,” more and more people know what it is “Roboto” or “Playfair Display”.

What should we consider for a good font combination?

You must keep a few factors in mind. Although you can review them in this infographic, the main ones are:

Contrast: Remember that when you combine fonts you do that for a reason. The two fonts cannot transmit the same, but must print contrast and hierarchy between them. We use them for a reason and this must always be present

Combine fonts sparingly, two fonts is the climax; three can be fine, but please be careful. Not everything goes with everything, if three is the number, it will be fine, but do not mix more than that.

– If we are talking (as it is the case today) about paragraph texts, either digital or printed, readability is the most important thing. Therefore, if you are combining fonts of two different families, always use the most readable font for paragraph text and the most creative for the title.

5 Google Fonts Combinations. Choose yours!

Anyway, as these tips are clear, it is time to start with font combinations. There will be examples of serif and sans serif, because you already know the differences and similarities between the two and so you can choose the ones that best suit your project.

Let’s start!:)


In this case we do not talk about the sea, but we could :). We are facing a very versatile Sans Serif typeface and a large number of types within the same family. The only drawback is that it does not include any “italic.” Although it should not be a problem, having so many types, we can exchange the “italics” for some thickness.

I like the change of angle that ends on each of the characters giving a creative and original style.


download font catamaran


If you want to use a Serif typeface and be sure to choose the right option, this is your font. As in the above case it does not include any “italic” but with its variety of thicknesses you can supply.

Its elegant stylish makes it perfect and versatile for both web and physical layout projects.


download font Halant

Noticia text

We have just said that we would not go wrong with the above font, but this one is even better. A very versatile typeface that includes the four characteristic types (regular, italic, bold, bold italic) with what we can do any project we need.

Its characters are straighter in comparison with the previous one, but it shows the same elegance.


download font noticia text

Work Sans

I really like this font. It is true that the only thing missing to be perfect is the “italic” type, but it has a large number of types within the family. In addition to that and its versatility, I like its creative air.

It is not a Mono type, but I love it. I think, this will not be the last time you see it 😉


download font work sans


It is the News text in Sans Serif. A typeface very versatile with its four types to make any combination you need. It is thin thickness and if I have to say some inconvenience: you must be careful with the spacing between the characters.


download font Karla

I hope you enjoyed them; they are ready to download and use!

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