5 Google font combinations among the same families

The last time we talked about Google Font we did it about more creative and original fonts (which we have actually used in our last calendars.) Today we return to continue sharing with you combinations of Google Font for paragraph text.

It is true that for some time we have been sharing combinations of the same family for the whole text. Of course for this it is important to take a family with several types so that only with them we can complete a web or graphic project. It does not mean that we do not like to combine several families, they are very daring bets, but when we have a big family, it is usually a safe bet that gives us versatility and elegance.

Either way, combining between the same family or doing it between different fonts should always be a decision that is taken depending on the type of project we have. We can choose a Google Font with a large family in which we find combinations within itself, but if the font does not fit our project, it is better to leave it for another one.

Sometimes we had a font that we thought worked, but then it does not fit. It often happens with web projects; we believe that we will have the legibility we are looking for, but once online it is not enough. That’s why, as we saw in the tools for designers may be a good option to try it before using.

In some cases, when fonts allows, it may be a good idea to take a combination of serif and sans serif fonts from the same family. Not all fonts have a serif and a sans serif type, but if they have one you can create a contrast that gives a different touch to the project. In the same way, sometimes in the same family we find condensed fonts, which may be a good option to use in titles when in the paragraph text we include sans serif fonts.

As you see, there are many options for combinations, the important thing is to take the one that suits the project that we are looking for and, above all, to create the perfect contract.
Today we are going to see some examples, and as we always say, we can get new combinations of these ones, so it is important to keep them in our stock.

Titillium Web

This is a font, as its name indicates, with a “web” style but with a family so complete that it does not need anyone else to combine. I like it to include italics (because few already do,) which can come very well for some photo footnote for example.

Its strokes are not as rounded as other sans serif, which gives it a special look.


download font titillium web

Fira Sans

It is perhaps one of the most complete Google Font families we can find. Among the different thicknesses of fonts, we can move from an extremely fine font to a very thick one, so that we can make many combinations within the same family.

It is more rounded than the previous one, which gives a kinder character.


download font fira

Noto Sans + Noto Sans serif

As we were saying, sometimes we can take the serif and sans serif font of the same family and combine them. Both have a common touch, but with a very different style that gives them contrast.

They are not families, independently very large, but we can join them as they can give a lot of play and help us create a creative typographic project.

google-font-notodownload font Noto sans download font noto serif

PT sans + PT serif

As in the case of the previous one, it is a good family to unite and create contrasts. This does not mean that they can not be used in isolation, but if we want to introduce a different touch, a combination of serif + sans serif is always a good idea.


download font PT sans download font PT serif


Finally, we share with you a combination with a serif. Although the family is not as wide as the case of the other sans serif fonts, we have enough types to create a great project.

The only thing to keep in mind is the small size of it, so that for its use we will have to go to bigger sizes than we are accustomed.


download font rasa

We hope you like them and that little by little they will cover your stock.

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  1. A very informative article and from which I learned a lot of new things. The combination of Google fonts with similar families is very impressive and helpful for creating various types of design projects. Thank You!

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