3 Creative Fonts for powerful messages

Let’s talk about fonts! In most cases, we have talked about our beloved Google Fonts, as they are used on websites and combine well, being one of the largest source fonts. However, today, without a precedent ;), we will talk about three fonts that are not Google Fonts (because there is life after them …) that are also free and licensed for personal and commercial use.

The fonts we bring today are very original and creative, and their use is perfect for poster designs, slogans…. These fonts are impressive and are able to convey effective messages, so, I will present them to you with quotes that will not leave you unmoved!

We only bring 3, but we will show you soon our favourites. So if someone wants us to use a phrase where to show fonts, just say it! 🙂


Created by a Norwegian designer called Kalle Graphics, it is primarily a striking font. Perfect for building typographic posters or design elements that impact at first sight.

Not suitable for use in subparagraph. It does not need other fonts to make up, for example, a typographic print.




The Homestead font allows, thanks to the different styles within the same family, to create words that by themselves can be a logo or be part of a typographic print.




Dan is a very creative font, with rounded edges, resembling a sponge, a balloon… something “soft.” It is the perfect font for creating logos, as it has a lot of authority. Although it is not recommended to use in long sentences because of its readability, Dan may be ideal to convey important messages.



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