5 WordPress Templates for Blogs with style

Increasingly it’s rare to meet someone who has no blog, which makes us very happy. Many web and blog are created by labor issues but increasingly we find personal blogs, which have almost supplied the ancient diary of our childhood.

In them we can express and share what we want. From our thoughts to our photos from the last trip, and sometimes a blog that begins as a personal thing become professionalized.

Blogs have become a new “form of expression.” Anyone who surf the web have reference blogs. If we like cooking, film or design, we all have a Blog that we read almost daily. Therefore, it may be a good idea (we always recommend) to have a blog, a place where go heaping the experiences you want to share.

There are many designs blog, the main thing to keep in mind for your choice is the type of blog you want to have. If you want to show photos of your trips, you will need one in which the images are the cornerstone. If instead you want to write every day, the text will be the main element, so the display should be clear, legible and easy to read.

Either way, the design is free but remember that the fewer ornaments the better (we are in flat design.) Remember also to choose a typeface and colours that suit with your style and combine them perfectly. We recommend using your own pictures, but if you need it, look at these free stock images where I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

So, if you decide to start a blog on WordPress, today I propose five templates with a lot of design that make your blog look even better! Just start writing!



+ InfoView Demo

If you like words accompanied by good pictures this is your theme. It also has 10 different home pages so if you like to change your design every so often this can be a good choice.



+ InfoView Demo

If the previous template had 10 home pages to choose… this one have 40! If you like to change from time to time, this will be the best choice, but of course, this template for WordPress is not suitable for undecided!

All designs are very simple and although they may seem too many options to choose from, if we look, we see that they are different combinations with the same elements.



+ InfoView Demo

I guess you already know Rosalie, our latest template for WordPress (although if you want to read a review click here in Spanish.) It is perfect for blogs where you write about your day, show your outfits … It is a very versatile template where content has a simple and elegant design.

It has several customization options such as choice of background, number of columns … So if you like the design, this is your template!



+ InfoView Demo

Although it is the oldest of this entire list, we could define it as timeless, as it remains in perfect condition 😉

As you can see, the images have a key role being responsible for shaping the homepage.



This theme is no longer available

If you know what you want and want to show your content in a simple way, this is your template for WordPress. It may seem that the design is less “special” but it is perfectly organized thus creating a very easy to read content.

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  1. I was searching for the WordPress new theme for my next project and i found your blog and i like the themes which you mentioned in this article. And i will use Enchant theme for my next project. Thanks for sharing!

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