5 Tools for designers [Part 2]

As we have seen in the first part of this post, thanks to simple tools we can design more easily and even better. Sometimes, although we have a good team and a good material there are factors that we cannot control, so we need complementary help.

In addition, depending on the type of project, we can use our own tools or we can go to stock images, patterns, icons… I personally recommend having both options. For example, for demos of our WordPress themes, we usually use images from a stock. We do not need singularity, but beautiful images that attract attention. On the other hand, if we are designing a personalized web, all the images we use will be customized as well.

In the end the important thing is to have your tool set that go with you and to feel comfortable with it. It is not necessary to use them all in all the projects you have, but to know how to decide which is the one that we need at that moment and to which we can get more.

In addition, the list is expanding and changing every year with new trends in design that change the way we do some of the things … “Renewing or dying.”

1. Creating your pattern or using ontrendse from the library

This tool gives us two options. On the one hand we can create our pattern based on different objects or an image, but we can also take a pattern from the gallery and use it.

If you have no knowledge of editing programs like Illustrator or Photoshop, this can be a great tool easy to use with amazing results!


go to pattern ninja

2. Designing the font of your web

Sometimes when we design a web with some styles of fonts once online we do not like the fonts anymore. Maybe they are too thin or thick, or smaller than we imagine. Although we design very carefully, these errors are easy to occur.

In this way, with this tool we can change the different sizes, thicknesses, margins … of the fonts that we are going to use in the web. So we can see it online and check how they work.


go to type anything

3. Combining colours through an image

As we said in articles of colour combinations, a good solution to take a colour palette is to do it through an image.

If we have an editing program we can go by copying colours and taking the HEX codes, but with this tool we facilitate the work because it gives us directly the colour codes.


go to impalette

4. Resizing your imagen

Many times we encounter the problem that we have an image, but it does not adapt to our content in dimensions. If something we cannot consent, it is that it appears deformed.

With this tool that problem was left behind. We can see different sizes of image and download it in that size to have it ready for our project. Our image will have the best resolution for each dimension.


go to responsive break points

5. Reorganizing your Google Font

Everybody knows that Google Font is a great tool and font library. In it we can find 800 types of free download. If you use it regularly, this tool will help you organize it because it has different tags to achieve it.

It also has a direct link to Google Font so you can download them.


go to katy decorah

That’s all (for now.) I encourage you to share your work tools so that you can continue expanding this section of articles!

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