Everything you Need to Know for your Logo to Work in your Web or Blog

It is clear that web trends are changing. A few years ago all the websites had parallax, it was very rare to find a website that did not have it, because it was the most demanded. Like the trend inslider in the headerthat comes and goes, everything that is trend at some point runs the risk of not being at the next moment, and it is always like this.

In the same way, most web elements have a very concrete and similar position within the web. For example, although we have seen that now more than everthe trend is for the menu to be in places beyond the typical horizontal menu, still the most common place is the latter. If we want to seek originality and give a touch of distinction to our website, it is very common to take these elements and change their position or form so that they are the ones in charge of giving a different touch.

That is why today we are going to talk about logos, but in this case not about their design or trend, but the behaviour of these factors within the web. We are going to talk about the trends, for their correct use in a web and for that they fulfiltheir function: to give visibility to the brand.

As we have already said on numerous occasions, although we really design a logo to represent an image in its global computing, we have to take into account the main support and adapt it. In this case we will talk about the position within the web and of course the trends that should continue to depend on that position.

Let’s start!

Position of the logo

Although as we said, this can change and it is not an established rule, the most common place for a logo to appear on a web or blog is the upper left corner. This is because visually it is the best place (where the eyes go first) and users usually identify it with the space in which the brand identity will be.

This is not a 100% rule to use, since it will also depend on the size of the logo. If it is small and simple and it reads well to an approximate size of 300px we can put it without problems. If on the contrary it is larger or has more complex lines or backgrounds, it will usually be placed in the middle of the page, and in these cases, it is normal to have a version for when we scrolland we want to keep it in the menu.

In addition, this version can be used, for example, for social networks, so that it serves to unify the brand.

Therefore, the two main positions of the logo within the web would be, in the upper left or in the centre, depending on the size and style of the logo and therefore also taking into account howthe design of the header is.

Logo Design

As we have already anticipated, not all designs fit all positions, so before starting with the logo design it is important to be clear if there is already an established position for the web. Maybe the web is already defined and the logo has to occupy a specific position, or it may be the other way around. That is why it is important to ask before starting the design, and thus to know if we have to conform to some condition before starting.


As you already know, the simple lines are trend, and the combinations between two colours, or use of gradients … They are perfect for use in the header (although they are also good in the central part of the web.) On the contrary, if we design a logo with complex lines, it will not work as an icon. One of the solutions will be to create an iconic image of it, without losing its essence.


If we talk about fonts, we are based on the same terms. There are many trends ranging from lettering to using sans serif with thick strokes. Freedom comes as far as your creativity can, but as we were saying, if you already know the space of the logo, there will be certain terms that you must take into account.

As for colour, sometimes for simplicity we tend to think of black and white, but this does not have to be so. The important thing is to create contrast and to be understood. The messagewill not be missedby including more than two colours. When the design is correct, the colour scheme is also correct. The important thing is the use of corporate colours that make a correct visualization of it


I do not pretend that it seems that the design of the logo has to be done under strict rules, much less. Freedom is enormous, but like almost everything, we have to take into account some factors that will work together and that will therefore influence it.

Just as we do not live alone and in our action we have to respect established rules, every time we design a web element, we must also have some concepts in mind.

We already saw it when we studied the web buttons, even following a few steps, we have almost total freedom for their design and the same thing happens with the logo.

Always following the trends, you have to be clear for what you are designing, and this that maybe at first may seem a handicap, it may become your advantage.

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