4 Combinations of Google Font to use on your Web

It is true that often we talk about fonts. Not so long ago we combined them with the summer ranges of colours or a free downloadable print, but today it is time to talk about our beloved Google Font!

We have not forgotten them. It is almost impossible, but you know that when it comes to graphics projects we like to introduce other fonts too, that whether paying or free, can give creativity to the project. Certainly there are many typefaces to choose, so it becomes increasingly difficult to choose one of them.

Hence, this time, to get a filter, I chose some combinations of Google Font that we used for our templates for WordPress. You know that for web projects, we love the Google Font. They are perfectly suited for it plus they are available and optimized for browsers.

As we always say, something to take into account (in addition to their aesthetic value in the combinations among them) is their weight. Remember that the less weight the better. Like when we speak of images we take into account the weight of them to occupy less space and thus make the loading rate faster. A good choice of fonts also will make the loading rate more optimized.

So let’s see the Google Font combinations that we used in our latest templates for WordPress and a preview of the next template we will do! 😉

I am sure you know some of the combinations used, but just give them a look and you can see the final result in a practical example.

Christopher, a theme for WordPress

Being a magazine-style blog, we had pretty clear that fonts should be used such as “serif” fonts reminiscent of printed newspapers. Given the magazine nature, the readability of fonts has to be very clear. While each article may accompany one or several images, its importance lies in its reading, so although differentiating between title, subtitle and paragraph text, we preferred to use the same font family, in which the hierarchy will mark the different thicknesses to enter different fonts.

This way we can see that just with one family we can get the effect we want; we can create different hierarchies in which the typographical distinctions are marked.

The font chosen is Noto Serif, which with its four types within the same family we can achieve the range we were looking for.



In case you still do not know Christopher, you can see the demo of the theme or download it for both WordPress.com to WordPress.org.




Paulie, a template for WordPress

We have designed a lot of blogs, Vowels is two years old, but we have a special affection for this one. 😉 We wanted an elegant and serious blog, but with a typeface with a slightly more creative character and a good readability; a typeface that remind us of the old typewriters, so Source Code Pro looked perfect! Moreover, in this case, we found that a typographical combination title-paragraph text would be perfect to give the air we wanted. In contrast to Source, we wanted a typeface uppercase to complement the creativity and fit with the content: Montserrat.



As you can see the result is not indifferent. It is the perfect template for WordPress for creative and original blogs that want to give a touch of “handcrafted.”



We encourage you to see the result in the demo!

Silvio, a template for WordPress

Our last published template is intended to be a travel blog, in which photographs have a very important part of it, and are in charge of composing the homepage. However, they cannot do it alone but with the help of proper font that gives the air we seek.

In this case, as in Paulie, we need a combination of fonts “Sans Serif” and “Serif” to mark the difference between paragraph text and titles.

The titles usually appear on the images, so the typeface chosen should preferably have strength and be capitalized for a good readability, so as with Paulie we opted for Montserrat. On the other hand, for paragraph text, we were looking for a “Serif” (very much in line with the latest templates for WordPress), which gives to Silvio a character of magazine or blog, so we found the perfect typeface with Crimson!



If this summer you have been traveling and want to have a blog, please see the demo and download the template! 😉



Janice, a template for WordPress

It is not ready yet, but Janice will be our next template for WordPress, an elegant blog… I am sorry but I cannot give more details! 😉

What I can tell you is the font chosen for this: “Lora,” one Google Font, that is responsible with his family to give a touch of elegance and sophistication that we seek. We leave only a small font sample of Janice; to view and download it, you have to wait!



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  1. How many fonts should I use when making a poster?
    In order for printed material to be readable and visually interesting, it must be clear. Avoid using more than two or three fonts in one poster. If multiple fonts are used, the effect is a mishmash that confuses the reader.

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