6 Ranges of Colours … in Free Downloadable Textures!

A lot of people have written us asking for new range of colours, so here we go! However when I started doing it, I realised that while it is good display palettes in a clean way, as we did in the previous article, we could also achieve two things at once. So this time, we bring textures that we have designed so that you can download and use as background on your site or whatever you want!

In this pattern and texture article, you already have enough to choose from, but here you have another 6 that you can combine. The reason is always the same, but you can see how different they look each other when combining colours.

Combinations in range of colours

You know that in the case of colours, the rules for their good combination are not as stringent as in the case of fonts. Depending on the effect we want to convey, we will use one or the other range. We can choose ranges of complementary colours, one colour, or ranges in which strong and weak colours are included, where the contrast will equip our design of a special character.

While in the other article we talked about range of colours based on a specific colour, in this case, I want to make some ranges in which colours look mixed, to see how they combine together; not all of them are of the same range of colour. In this case, I’ve left out the pastels (except in one case) and ranges I propose are made with strong and bright colours. Do you want me to start? 😉

NOTE: You can download each range clicking on them, but if you want to make your own texture with these colors, I bring also codes (The web numbering colour (#), which can be easily used on Illustrator or Photoshop.)

Range of spring colours


If we think of spring, we think green and blue. The gray and brown tones leave, giving these two more importance. Green and blue are colours that complement each other perfectly and if we join them we have a cheerful personality range. The introduction of brown adds a touch of warmth that makes it optimal.


Range of pastel colours


It is the range that includes some pastel colour, but as you see garnished with blue gives contrast to it. If you do not want to create this contrast, just change the blue color with a beige type #fadfcd and you will get a range in pinkish shots that can be good as background in blue or black fonts.


Range of creative colours


Why not join the purple, orange and green? We already knew that the violet-orange combinations are riskier and more creative. This range is not suitable for all audiences for his great personality, but it is perfect as background alone, by the force transmitted.


Range of Christmas colours


With the season we just left, I could not miss a Christmas range. However, we ignore the typical red and green colours, and we give them a note of creativity and strength with the introduction of blue and rose.


Range of grays


If your project already has enough colours, you can use this pattern of gray colours, on which you put any color highlighted. If you like the textures but you do not want to go wrong with the colours, use this one!


Range of autumnal colours


I bring also this range, which highlights the typical colours of the season. The brown is combined with red and yellow, tinged with blue, as the cold days of autumn. It is the warmest range of this group.


I hope you like the textures that I designed with love! If you use them, I will be happy to see the links on your websites! 😉

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