6 Trends for the design of icons in 2019

It is time to start talking about new trends in design in 2019. As in previous years, we will talk about fonts, web design, graphic design… But today it is time to talk about an element very important, but forgotten sometimes, that must surely be perfectly designed: the icon.

You already know that in Silo Creativo we love icons, mainly because they are very versatile elements. We can use them from the accompaniment of an image or text to make it the main point or to reinforce the image of a logo.

And, because there are a thousand ways and forms, we will talk about the different trends in icons and the use of them.

1. Icons in circles

Sometimes we design straight lines and we forget that circles are one of the most harmonious construction options. In the icons it is not uncommon to see them contained in circles or forming them, either in lines or with a coloured background.

Much of the blame lies with the material design, which included the circles as buttons to make it more comfortable to press. Therefore, based on the fact that icons are sometimes that element that draws our attention and that often acts as a button, it is not uncommon to see them represented as circles.

If we choose this option one of the most important things that we must take into account is the size of it. See its location on the web and understand that if it is contained in a circle, the content will be smaller than if it was not.


2. Gradients

If the gradients are trend in the design, they could not remain alien to the icons. Whether it’s lines with background or simple, we can always use the gradient to print a colour note while making a trend.

We should consider the strength that a gradient can have, so that it does not become the main axis of our project.

3. Line icons

The line icons do not go out of style! We have been seeing them for many years and they will accompany us at least another one. Much of the blame is that line design is timeless.

We only play with colours and shapes, making it more complicated to become obsolete. They are very versatile since they can be included in almost all types of designs.


4. Thick and uniform strokes

Not only the lines are fashionable, but when we talk about fonts, thick strokes are trend. They are usually used in white or black on a colour, but why not enter a gradient?

It is true that they are not used as creative type icons but as elements such as the contact or the basket.


5. Simplicity

As in most areas of design, simplicity accompanies us in the icons. The simple forms also make a dent in an element that by definition should also be simple.

Simplicity sharpens ingenuity and we can find examples where little is expressed. We can look for a common thread and on the drawing of the series of icons.

6. Simple colour palettes

Colour was present in many of the previous trends, but except in the case of gradients, without combining it with anything. However, colour is still trend.

We can make small palettes of harmonious colours and print the colour that we need. We must take into account the size of the icon that is usually reduced, and think that if we load it with too many colours it could blur and not achieve the result we are looking for.



In any case, you must take into account some factors to design or choose your icon. It is essential to think about the size that they are going to have and that therefore, in most cases simplicity will be a plus point. Reloading the icons can only make the understanding more difficult and achieve just the opposite that you were looking for.

Print the trend you want, and the one that best suits your project, but above all, you must understand what an icon is and what it is going to serve you for. It is not the same an icon in a logo, that the icon of the basket, and each one of them has to be designed with creativity, but above all with functionality.

It is one of the design elements that have the most visual impact so we have to take advantage of them.

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