The 10 Best WordPress Templates for Restaurants in 2019

To this day, there is a tough competition between restaurants, and it is difficult to prosper in this type of business. Implement effective marketing strategies is essential to succeed. And one of the efficient ways to attract more customers to our business is to create an original and attractive website for our clients. It is crucial to promote our restaurant and dishes having a website where people can contact us or where our location is shown, both for customers of our city and outside of it. For all these reasons, the choice of the template of our website is essential for its success.

If you want to create a website or have thought about redesigning your existing website but you do not have a clear idea of how to create it, consider using a custom WordPress template for restaurants may be the ideal option. These templates are created specifically for this type of business. So, they include all types of plugins and examples that will be necessary in the day to day of your restaurant. Show your dishes in an elegant way, propose the option order online, create entries in your blog and share them through social networks … You have many options and you can find many more in these WordPress templates.



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Rosa is not only one of the templates for top-selling restaurants in ThemeForest, but it is one of the best rated. Launched in 2014, it is constantly updated, adding new features. Thanks to an efficient interface, we can change different details with a single click, such as the colour of the buttons, the size of the fonts or the general colour palette. Among its features, it includes the ability to insert online reservations.



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Cucina is a template that fit perfectly in your restaurant, but it has also been created for other types of catering businesses, such as bistros, pubs or bars. One of the most outstanding aspects of this template is the possibility of changing any font. The creation of font combinations to make our texts more attractive makes our website more attractive too.



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Bettaso combines two design options perfectly. On the one hand, the cleanliness of its lines makes the use of high-resolution photographs stand out above all else. And on the other hand, it is capable of giving a touch of colour in certain elements, such as buttons, icons or fonts. Without forgetting the inclusion of different functionalities, such as online reservations, inclusion of menus or a complete system of reviews.

The Restaurant


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The Restaurant is possibly the most veteran template on this list. Created in 2010, it continues to be one of the best sellers. And the fact is that the ease with which we can modify its base design to leave it to our liking is impressive. In addition, it has full compatibility with WooCommerce, the ecommerce plugin par excellence in WordPress. So, the online sale is one of its strengths.

Grand Resturant


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If you want to show spectacular photographs of your restaurant and its dishes, Grand Restaurant is your template. Full-screen photographs, parallax effects, image galleries, and many more options to create a tremendously colourful web. Also, as you can see in your demo, creating combinations of your photographs and texts will give a much more modern look to your website.



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With LemonChili you can create endless meals and drinks, as well as a page of events and a gallery of images. This template was created to make visitors the protagonists of the web. The busy hours, the highlighted dish, upcoming events or any other information of interest can be displayed directly on the home page with all the widgets, thanks to the plugins that are included in the template.

European Cuisine


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Elementor Page Builder is included with European Cuisine. If you do not know this plugin for WordPress, with it you will be able to build any page in a very simple way simply by dragging and dropping the different elements of your web. So, you can create your site with a very professional look without prior knowledge and very quickly.



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If you have a vegetarian restaurant, this template is created for you. Plantables offers a clean design with splashes of colour in shades of green and an elegant and modern font. This design favours the images of your dishes, since there is no element that distracts from the most important point of your restaurant. It even gives you the possibility to create a page to present all the work team in your restaurant!



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Food is a clean, modern, minimalist, multipurpose WordPress theme for restaurants, pubs and bars. It has a wide range of incredible features and a lot of premium plugins, icons and images. It is everything you need to create an incredible site in an incredibly easy way, saving time and money. Build any food or restaurant design without the need to write a line of code!

The Flavour


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With The Flavor, your customers can see your website on any type of device. It is not only completely responsive, but also prepared for high-resolution displays, such as the Retina Display of Apple devices. If your restaurant has international projection, plugins are included with the template to make your web multilanguage.

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