Orange: the underrated Colour

We do not like all colours equally. There are colours we like more than others because we identify with them. The fashion, for instance, is largely responsible for this. We will always prefer colours that make us feel better and happier, colours that make your friends think “how pretty you are”


Typography in design: combination and use

Thanks to one of my Christmas presents, a Typodarium, I am discovering great fonts of new artists, but I will talk about them another day because today is the time to open-source fonts like Google Fonts. Thus, today I am sharing with you some of the Google Fonts we usually use at SiloCreativo.


Creative 404 Error Pages

We have talked many times about the importance of having clear objectives when creating a website. Not all websites are designed with the same function, or all users search the same item.
When designing a website, we want this to be original and different from all others, so we have to take care of the small details, responsible for this. In fact, although it is very unlikely to happen with premium templates.


7 free stock images for web design

When it comes to put a photo on a website, a blog or to make a poster, I recommend you to use your own images, but often we do not have the image we wish or it needs some retouching that slow down our work. That is why it is good to know what the stock images are and what they are for, especially since the web and graphic works are one of the most important resources to develop projects.