SiloMag #50

And finally we get number 50 of SiloMag! After two years of starting with the first issue, what seemed a section to recap the links that we did not add to the main articles has became into one of the most read content. Thank you for being in the other side of screen every two weeks 🙂

Today we bring some interesting links and news, from a free icon pack to a typography designed to memorise better using the cognitive psychology. About web design we talk about error 404 pages and side projects and finally, a bit of WordPress and Gutenberg.

We Hope you enjoy this issue and get inspired by these pieces of news.

Graphic Design



Fantastic images created by Thomas Ollivier about how current internet technology would be in the past. How would Facebook be in a beeper? And Spotify in a Walkman? Very stunning images.


Icon Pack Evericons

Evericons is a free icon pack designed by Aleksey Popov that very well for our design projects. You will find basic icons, arrows, social networks, eCommerce… 420 icons in total.

Sans Forgetica, the font that helps you to remember

Sans Forgetica

A very interesting project about topographic design made by researchers of RMIT. This font was designed using the principles of cognitive psychology in order to help you remember important things such as study notes.

Web Design



1kProject is a marketplace to sell and by projects related to internet (similar to Flippa) but with the difference that all of projects listed there have to be under 1000$. You will find a lot of Side Projects that are partially discontinued because lack of time or because their owners prefer to not keep them running.

101 course on crafting 404 pages

error page 404

We have previously written about the importance of creating 404 error pages and even a few months age we designed some demos of 404 error in HTML and CSS that can be integrated in any website. In this article Shelby Rogers writes about how to use 404 error pages properly and ho to track them through Google Analytics.



October ended and it brought the last edition of Octuweb, where 22 authors wrote about Web Design in Spanish. Topics such as CSS Grid Layout, Web Components, Accessibility were cover in detail. Now it is time to read them and learn because there are excellent contents.


Automattic Design Award

Automattic design award

Automattic, the company behind organises the Automattic Design Award which is divided in three categories: best website, best solution and best style. The deadline for applying is the 16th of November and the prize is quite cool and interesting,

Installing a pirated WordPress Theme

Installing a hacked WordPress theme

A very disturbing article about installing a pirated premium WordPress theme. Despite the fact that the theme does not have malicious code, we can get a negative surprise…

WordPress 5.0 is not ready

WordPress 5

And finally a note about WordPress and Gutenberg. As you know we have a schedule about WordPress 5.0 release date when Gutenberg will be mergeed in into the Core. But some reviews as this made by Mark Root-Wiley are not very positive about the current state.

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