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We have talked many times about the importance of having clear objectives when creating a website. Not all websites are designed with the same function, or all users search the same item.

When designing a website, we want this to be original and different from all others, so we have to take care of the small details, responsible for this. In fact, although it is very unlikely to happen with premium templates, it can happen with free templates used in several websites, making them similar. This is one of the reasons why in professional jobs, it is not recommended to use free templates, but if you still do, something as simple as changing the font or color will make you different from other websites with whom you share template.

Either way, it is very important to distinguish yourself from the competition. Your website has to be different from the rest, and in a world where anyone can visit a day over 20 websites, any detail to the user to remember your website is a point in your favor.

Obviously, it is very important that your homepage is completely personal and original, as it is the entrance hall of your house, so the colours chosen must be the ideal. But nevertheless, there is another page that also has a number of visitors and in most cases we have neglected: the “Error 404” page.

Just as a curiosity, the “404” number is the room in which were the servers of the World Wide Web at its inception. Nowadays, it is worldwide known as “error page.”

The benefits of having a custom error page are many. The main one is that it helps the branding of the company, getting part of an overall picture, and recognising the brand image. It also helps the positioning of it, since it can and must include links.

At SiloCreativo we have already started our design, but while, we want to share with you some that have caught our attention for their creativity and originality.

The important thing is to sweeten with a smile the disappointment that the page does not exist, so … almost anything goes!

(By clicking on the image you go to another page, which is highly recommended, because sometimes the creativity is not only in the picture itself.)




Discovered by Alfonso Serrano




Of course, this one is sponsored by Ricardo!





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  1. Wow each and every options for error 404 are amazing and creative. I will try these options. Thankyou very much.

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