SiloMag 147

As every two weeks, we bring you a new installment of SiloMag, and as always, we have compiled the best news and resources about graphic design, web design and WordPress for all of you.

This week we have a summary with the most important new features of WordPress 6.3, a look at color-mix() in CSS, the most interesting design shields of the Women’s World Cup, how to start a local WordPress environment in no time, how to create an animated SVG logo, and much more!

Diseño Gráfico

Women’s World Cup 2023: the identities of the top five women’s teams

usa women's soccer team shield

Brandemia reviews the logos and identities of five national teams participating in the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. The changes they have had throughout their history, where their symbols come from, and how they have adapted to current times.

ELON MUSK’s TROLLING with Twitter and X

AI-generated image of elon musk screaming, next to the new X logo.

The controversies in X (formerly Twitter) do not stop. Among them, those of its new name and logo. Marco Creativo takes an interesting look at its new design and brand image, where it comes from and the consequences it may have for the future.

Iconbuddy, 180K+ open source icons

iconbuddy logo

Iconbuddy not only offers a huge amount of icons, more than 180,000, but they are completely open source. In addition, we can customize their color from the web before downloading them, and they have a wide variety of formats: SVG, PNG, WebP, JSX, Vue and Base64.

Diseño Web

CSS Selectors: A Visual Guide

diseño web de cuatro botones, con el tercer boton remarcado
CSS selectors are patterns used in CSS to select and style HTML elements on a page, allowing us to dictate how styles apply to specific HTML elements. Along with traditional CSS selectors, we also have pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements. This guide by Sébastien Noël will serve as a map, detailing and visualizing these essential selectors.

Animated SVG Logo

strokes in svg logo
Anthony Fu offers a brief but detailed guide on how to create an animated SVG with CSS based on his signature that serves as the logo of his website. From its creation with a digital pencil on a tablet, modification of details in Figma to the code needed to animate it.

A deep dive into CSS color-mix()

uso de color-mix() en css

This video by Kevin Powell reviews the basics of CSS color-mix(), how it works, how we can play with the percentages, what happens when the percentages are below 100% total, how the different color models work, and how we can mix colors in different directions. Possibly one of the last properties included in CSS more interesting if we are refined with color.


WordPress 6.3 – Rich Tabor

cover of rich tabor's article about wordpress 6.3
Rich Tabor takes us through some of what’s new in WordPress 6.3 with regards to creating posts, posts and pages. Styles revisions, pattern synchronization, image aspect ratio and more, all accompanied by videos explaining how to use them.

How to Measure WordPress Email Marketing Campaign Success

email marketing wordpress
Beyond content management, WordPress offers a wide range of email marketing plugins. Plugins like MailPoet and AcyMailing allow you to create, manage, and send email campaigns directly from your WordPress dashboard. This integration saves you time and ensures you have everything you need in one centralized location.

wp-now: Launching a local WordPress environment in seconds

screenshot npm website

Some time ago we talked about how to create a local server with WordPress thanks to LocalWP. With wp-now we find a new development environment with no configuration required thanks to WordPress Playground. From what we have tested, wp-now is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a local WordPress site. We encourage you to give it a try and let us know what you think.

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