SiloMag #33

We are opening the month of March, and a new SiloMag is here, with the most interesting news and resources we have found during the last two weeks on the world of graphic design, web design and WordPress, and that inspire us in our day to day life.

And in this SiloMag, about graphic design, icons for de Winter Olympics, designing a logo for a client, and a guidelines for a well-known brand. On web design, a 3D interactive website, a form build with SVG, and web elements and food!. And finally, for WordPress, some server issues, the importance of web security, and when caching is necessary.

As always, we hope you like it, and you can leave us any suggestions in the comments!

Graphic Design

Designing Yahoo’s Winter Olympics Icons

icons snowboard olympics

You may have watched some Winter Olympics games that are happening in PyeongChang. Budi Harto had a chance to work together with Yahoo to create their own version of the icon that they’re using on their platform now. And in this article, he’s sharing all the process with us.

Steps to take when designing a logo for a client

paper create logo

The method of designing a logo and formulating or refreshing a brand is a practice that Suzanne, co-founder of Shift8, have become much more comfortable with over the years. The identity of a business and how that business is characterized by the world is, at first glance defined by their logo. She puts down her experiences collaborating with clients into the form of a ten point list below.

AMD Brand Guidelines

amd logo

At Silo Creativo we have talked about the style guide, and the importance it has for a company or a brand to be visually coherent in all its fields of action. As an example, we bring you the one that has the technology company AMD. That also can serve as a guide and inspiration if we have to create one in one of our projects.

Web Design

Awesome 3D interactive web

planets web interactive

From time to time we bring you some website that has some design that has caught our attention, or that has something that makes it special. And this time we have one in which they present their services through a 3D animation that simulates a planetary system. A good way to capture the attention of your users.

Form interaction using SVG

create form svg

An interesting demo in which we see how to create a very dynamic form thanks to the use of SVG. In the Github profile of Dropinks you can find all the necessary files to start it. Although as always, we recommend that before you take a look at the article on your website, so you can see how it has been built using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Food Inspired Web Design Elements

gif icon pizza

Here are a bunch of fancy HTML elements designed to look like the designer’s favorite food. This is what happens when designers get hungry.


8 Server Issues That Affect WordPress (and What to Do About Them)

problem server

We always have such a laser-trained focus on our WordPress site that sometimes it’s easy to forget that problems with it may not stem from conflicting plugins, a hacked login, or a bloated theme. Sometimes it’s the underlying web server that’s at fault.

5 reasons why web security is important

reason security wordpress

Here’s 5 reasons why website security is important. Lately, people are constantly talking about crypto-currency mining malware as the new or even worse threat to businesses than ransomware. Different enterprise-level data breaches are becoming so common that people don’t even react to them as they did a year ago.

How does Caching work in WordPress?

cache wordpress

Caching can give the impression of being the “holy grail” for all performance problems. It is no wonder that people raise an eyebrow when Thomas Audunhus sais “Stop using caching” in their presentations, meetups or workshops. Hence, it is time to make clear what he really means about this topic, when and for what it should be used. And maybe most importantly, when not to use caching – and look for alternative solutions.

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