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Those who usually read us know that we love to share resources to make the most of your projects. We have shared resources of many types, from free fonts to mockup for graphic elements and web. As we always say, there is a resource for every occasion and so today we will expand the list of resources with free download animations!

We have been discussing it since late last year, as animations are the big trend of the New Year. We can create them through images or illustrations and enter them in the header of our web or make them responsible for developing a graphic project.

The options are varied and these resources can apply different animations to our projects without having a high management and knowledge of digital tools. For those who use CSS3 and HTML5 we recommend you to do it by yourself (you can see a mini tutorial here,) but either way these resources can give a little push seeing more quickly the final effect.

Let’s start! 🙂

Free Download Resources


The burger menus are trend. I believe everybody knows that, so this effect can be very useful if you want to add a touch of creativity and originality to it. As you can see we can set the background we want to include the effect when we close and open the menu, so that will add a touch of originality to our website.


DESCARGA animacion


DESCARGA animacion

Animated Mockup

We often have shared free download resources for computers, tablets, mobile phones … to visualize (and often show to the client) our work in a more aesthetic way. Well in this case we are going to animate it too. Pictures are not static, but we will use a series of pictures so they can move. Just scroll!


DESCARGA animacion


DESCARGA animacion

In this one we do not start from a tablet, but it can help us to give dynamism to a graphic design.


DESCARGA animacion


Let’s play with illustrations

Last but obviously not least, if we animate images we can (and must) do the same with illustrations! We manage to animate illustrations (or a set of illustrations and images) so that they are responsible for creating dynamism.


DESCARGA animacion

Another option is to play with the lines that make up an illustration so that it seems to be drawing itself, or introduce a composition of lines and flat bottoms…


 DESCARGA animacion


DESCARGA animacion


Finally, I must point out that one thing is to give animation to an element or several, for example within a web, and quite another that our web looks roller coaster. Years ago it happened with the slider, we abused and now we hate it, so let’s try the same thing does not happen with animations!

Used smartly, they will give you an original and creative work that will make you be different from your competition. We have already downloaded all!

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