4 Free Stock images and Some Ideas about Licenses

We know you missed it. You alredy know the free stock images that we have shared in the blog, so you need new material. We understand it, so do not worry, because here are 4 other free stock images of high-resolution!

Now the problem will be that there is so many options that it will be hard to decide us, but we hope that this will not be a problem;)

As we have said many times, if you can have your own images the better, but as in most cases it is not, these stock images are a good tool to use and share … By the way, as the word “share “is very broad, today we will talk about licenses. But above all, we will remember what stock images we have already shown you!

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Another 5 free Stock images and free high resolution images
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Creative Commons

Although there are many types of licenses to protect our pictures, when we talk about images that we share online, the most used licenses are the Creative Commons. Keep in mind that even if an image has this type of license, as discussed below, it does not mean it has no Copyright.

Of course, such License is free to include in your images!

Thus, almost all the images belonging to these stock images are licensed Creative Commons. But be careful. In most cases the images are free to use, but keep in mind which Creative Commons has, since each of them has some limitations. Moreover, if the image is copyrighted only, better think of something else, because it is protected by copyright and in the vast majority of cases you will not be free to use it freely.

For example, the image may not be used in a commercial context, which may be shared only for personal use and not for benefit economically from it. Or for example, it cannot be changed, ie, that always must appear as is.

So, this is the type of Creative Commons license that we can include:


They can be shown one by one or together.


Well, once we know the importance of licenses and restrictions of each of them, we are ready to download our images of these new free stock images of high resolution. And of course, do not forget to look at the license! 🙂

Finda Photo

I really like this stock image because it has a very effective search engine. We can search by words, characteristics or colours (What a pitty! I did not know it while I was writing this article on colours).

The images have a high quality, and once you click on them you can still keep looking on the labels, categories or colours.

Many of these images are taken from other free stock images, but here, they have a better categorized search engine than the stock image of origin

It is highly recommended!




Do you still need more pictures? Do not worry! Here are 670 more images in HD.

While the search engine is somewhat shorter than in the previous stock image, we can also search by words or categories, which can be really good for our search.




It is a Stock Images of large comprehensive resolution where it is easy to filter by category and in this case also, by type of license. A singularity is that we can find photos of faces of people that in many other stock images we cannot see.




I really like this stock images as it specifies well what are the licenses that images use, plus you can filter them by category crowd.

It is really interesting also the “Latest 100” on which we can find the last 100 uploaded images.



I hope you have enjoyed. We will add new ones to the list soon 🙂

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