SiloMag #27

The last SiloMag of November is loaded with news, resources and tutorials that we hope will be useful and help you in your projects. As always, we encourage you to tell us what you think, just like we like you to share your discoveries with us.

This week, about graphic design, we will see an article about the use of the pen in the digital world, how to create an interesting isometric in Illustrator, and the design in TV and films. On web design, a rotating slider, the problem with thin fonts, and a website with an awesome parallax effect. And last, but not least, about WordPress, Mailchimp for WooCommerce, FAQ plugins, and an article about web designers and WordPress

As always, we hope you like it, and you can leave us any suggestions in the comments!

Graphic Design

The pen is mightier than the laptop

Drawing notebook

For a very long time, design existed primarily in the realm of print. But the last 20 years there has been a significant metamorphosis — the decline of print and the advent of digital. What used to be a painstaking labor of love has been commodified into pre-fabricated pixel perfection. A great article by YuYu Schatz in Medium.

How to Create Advanced Isometric Illustrations

Isometric Guitar

In this tutorial Cody Walker talk about a method of creating isometric shapes that doesn’t require a grid and is much more useful if your objects are complex or curvy. The basic idea behind the SSR method is that by using tools in Adobe Illustrator you can place an object onto an isometric plane without using a grid.

Graphic Design in Film & Television

Grand Hotel Budapest scene

When a new movie comes out most of the plaudits go to the director, the producer and the lead actors, but there are so many other people involved in a film, and a lot of them are designers. There are costume designers and set designers, but also graphic designers working behind the screens on all of the designed objects that shape a film’s aesthetic and help tell its story.

Web Design

Rotating Slider jQuery Plugin

Cicular Slider

Another example of very creative web design that we find in Codepen. This time, Tyler Johnson creates a slider, but not like the ones we can usually find on the web. It is a circular slider, which rotates as we go through the elements. Personally, it reminds me of the famous Kodak slide photography machine.

Internet is becoming unreadable because of a trend towards lighter, thinner fonts

Unreadable web

The internet is becoming unreadable because of a trend towards lighter and thinner fonts, making it difficult for the elderly or visually-impaired to see words clearly, a web expert has found. Kevin Marks, founder of Microformats and former vice president of web services at BT, decided to look into the trend after becoming concerned that his eyesight was failing because he was increasingly struggling to read on screen text.

Transition y Parallax Effect in Red BUll Racing Website

Parallax effect

The Red Bull Racing website is a great example of the good use of the Parallax effect. In fact, it perfectly combines the use of 2D and 3D elements to create a surprising visual effect. In addition to having transitions between pages worthy of note.


MailChimp for WooCommerce

Mailchimp WooCommerce

There are tons of ways business owners can capitalize on the season, from retargeting ads to acquire new customers, to giving your website a festive refresh, to adding product recommendations to your emails. All of these tactics have varying degrees of effort, so focus on what’s best for your business according to available time and resources. Focusing on email marketing and eCommerce, Allyson Van Houten make a list of 10 top tips for the holiday season from MailChimp, along with how much effort it will take you to execute them.

Best FAQ Plugins For WordPress Websites

Plugins FAQ WordPress

If you run a website, you probably receive emails from your visitors – maybe a lot of emails. They could be from customers, potential customers or even your blog commenters. After a while, though, you may notice that many of these emails contain similar questions, and responding to them takes up valuable time that could instead be used for growing your blog or business. If you’re finding that potential customers aren’t pulling the trigger and buying what you have to offer, why not consider using an FAQ plugin on your sales or product pages to encourage more sales?

Why Designers Should Use WordPress for Website Design?

Designers & WordPress

If you are a web designer, and you are looking for a way to deliver an attractive, usable and simple website to your clients without going over lots of code, you should certainly consider WordPress as your top choice. Lots of people think that WordPress is just a blog software, but they are very wrong. WP is a free, incredible versatile content management system with lots of awesome features and an amazingly passionate user base. In this article by 85ideas you can find various reasons why you should try WordPress for the next website you build.

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